Invading Holland Redesign

Surprise! I’m back and things look a little different now.

If all has gone well you are now reading this on the all new Invading Holland redesign. If everything has gone badly you are now staring at a 404 error while weep and beg my computer to bring everything back. Hopefully everything has gone well.

So where was I? Between the arrival of a new baby and the moving into of a new house the summer has been extremely busy. For the sake of my own sanity I decided to take an extended summer break from blogging… Then I got the idea of redesigning everything from scratch into my head and blew that whole’ taking it easy’ idea out of the water (just kidding, I did take a break too).

So what has changed? After eight years of having a beard in real life I have finally added a beard to my cartoon counterpart. I know there was high demand for this change (mostly from people who met me in real life and were confused) and I listened (finally). All joking aside it seemed like it was time for cartoon Stu to once again reflect where I am in my life. The old cartoon Stu was an accident prone Englishman living in The Netherlands. The new cartoon Stu is an accident prone Englishman living in The Netherlands… with kids.

There is now a mailing list (…almost. It turns out it is not quite working yet). I’ve reorganized all the categories and created two new sections; Dutchness and Crazy Stories. They can all be found in the main menu above and highlight some of the best posts on the site. There is a new search function, updated about page, contact page and a few other things here and there to find… Possibly along with a few new spelling errors and bugs, so if you find anything let me know. I’ll still be tinkering on a few things for a while.

I hope you like it all. Enjoy and on Monday I’ll be back with the best ways to fake speaking Dutch!

10 responses to “Invading Holland Redesign”

  1. CaptainKirt says:

    Loving the new look, very fresh!

  2. AQK1982 says:

    Yeah!!!!! You’re back. Cool new look. I hope you had a great summer break :-).

  3. vallypee says:

    Nice one, Stu! Especially the beard bit :)

  4. Hey. I’m new here so the beard thing is no big deal. We homestead in Illinois which probably has nothing to do wtih you and your life in dutchland. What can I say? That’s how my mind works., mostly in unconnected ways. I’ll be back, yes, it’s a threat.

  5. Shannon T says:

    Liking the beard! Can’t wait for more crazy stories…you have great ones.

    Out of curiosity, what software do you use to draw your cartoons?

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