Expat’s Blog Award

Great news! Thanks to your help this blog has won an award from expatsblogs.com

Expat Blog Award

I am extremely happy and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped out by submitting such amazing comments about this blog. I was really touched by them all and I feel very lucky that so many people enjoy my ramblings. I can’t mention all of them but here are a few of my favourites (I might steal some for the about me page):

“A wonderful take on life in the Netherlands through an Englishman’s eyes. I love his self-deprecating humour, fantastic illustrations, and accident-prone ways.” – Alison

“Reading Stuart’s blog make me love being so Dutch :-) Every post is hilarious and make me laugh. If you’ve never read is, let’s get started!” – Dienke

“I’ve been reading Stu’s blog since before I moved to The Netherlands. My (Dutch) girlfriend had heard of it and pointed it out to me whilst I was still in the UK. After reading one or two posts, I was hooked and did a complete catch-up from post number 1! I always loo forward to a new post.” – Gez

“I follow many blogs, but there are only a very slim few that I actually come back to again and again! Stu’s blog about the random encounters and experiences he runs into in the land of cheese and windmills are so incredibly funny, and hit the spot with precision, as to what it is like to be an outsider in Holland.” – Rebekka

“Stu is the voice of all expats in the Netherlands… and he says it in a much more humorous way than the rest of us ever could. I love his deep look at the eccentricities of life here in Holland.” – Tiffany

“Few bloggers can match Stu’s wit and insight as he describes his encounters with the everyday idiosyncrasies of Dutch culture. Often recognizable, frequently hilarious and always entertaining, Invading Holland is by far my favorite. Go Stu!” – Victor

See all of them here

And it would be very rude of me not to wish huge congratulations to all the other brilliant writers who won as well. Well done everyone. Go and check them out.

– Gold: Adventures in Integration
– Bronze: A Flamingo in Utrecht
– Honourary: Dutch Pancake
– Honourary: The European Mama
– Honourary: The Wooden Shoes Diaries

4 responses to “Expat’s Blog Award”

  1. AQK1982 says:

    Congrats Stu! Kudos to you.

  2. Likeahike says:

    Congratulations. Well deserved!

  3. Perovskia says:

    Congrats! So glad :)

  4. Invader_Stu says:

    Thank you everyone :)

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