TV Mix Up

TV Mix Up

I watch a lot of TV series. In fact you could call me an addict but I am one of those addicts who hides their problem well by reading a book every now and then.

However, when you watch as many TV series as I do if starts to get a little hard to keep track of the individual plot lines and they start to blur together. Take this show I am watching at the moment for example:

The survivors of a plane crash find themselves on a mysterious island where everything is not what it seems.

One of the survivors is a doctor who unintentionally becomes the leader of the group of castaways. He spends most of his time on the beach with three of the other survivors and a white board (that they found in the plane wreckage), performing differential diagnosis on the tropical diseases the other survivors start to catch. Mysteriously, no one on the island catches lupus.

Things get worse when they discover they are not alone on the island. After taking a census of the survivors and comparing it to the flight manifest they discover that one of the survivors is not who he says he is. In fact, he was never on the plane. He is one of the human cylons who inhabits the island and have their own dark secret addenda.

Luckily, one of the survivors might have the answer to their escape. He develops a strange connection with the island after regaining the ability to walk again following the crash. He also has a map of the island tattooed all over his body which includes the network of strange hidden scientific research stations that were once part of the mysterious Cyberdyne Initiative. It is with in these research stations that the survivors uncover the shocking true.

Will they get off the island with in 24 hours and be able to warn the president of the impending assassination attempt by a cigarette smoking exploding man that they have learned about on the island? Only time and the season final will tell.

Whoever can work out all the TV show mentioned above wins a prize.

17 responses to “TV Mix Up”

  1. Gigi says:

    24, Lost, Prison Break, and Sarah Conner Chronicles… can’t figure out the white board reference. I’m tempted to say House.

  2. Robert says:

    Lost, Prison Break, House, BattleStar Galactica, Sarah Conner Chronocles, 24, X-files. I think thats it.

  3. kiks says:

    I know this show. It’s called Lost in Prison with 24 Heroes, MD.

  4. Dragonlady says:

    What’s the prize? Come on now think of a good answer to that.

  5. Tess says:

    Ha! No wonder you seem to be ‘busy’ lately :p
    And what’s the deal with the X-Files: repeats I might hope? ;)
    ‘No More Heroes Anymore?’

  6. Anneke says:

    Haha! I’ll second Kiki!

    I crave more House. My brother-in-law won’t borrow me his dvd’s.

  7. Charlie says:

    I think it’s the Queen’s Christmas Day speech.

  8. a usual suspect says:

    “Mysteriously, no one on the island catches lupus.”

    Er…uhm….lupus is an autoimmune disease….you can’t catch it……but I suspect you knew that already….;-)

    That said, it is an interesting concept you have there….The only thing missing is the weekly talent shows that they would have to entertain each other, and of course, whoever lost gets voted off the island…..

  9. suus says:

    i’ve never watched any of these shows, but i’m hardly human

  10. Breigh says:

    I actually just hooted with laughter, the same sound old crazy ladies make. You must be a bit torrent addict like I am, otherwise you are one of those ipeople. Nobody in this country knows that many good shows without the internet, because LORD knows you won’t find them on Dutch TV. Although, it has been getting better the past few years. The other night I saw an episode of LOST on TV that was only about 3-4 episodes behind where they are at in the US now.

    I’ve recently downloaded the full season of Sarah Connor and the 2nd season of Dexter and although I’ve already seen them, I’m forcing my husband to watch them with me. Until now, I’ve had nobody else to share these shows with because 90% of the people I know in the Netherlands have never heard of them.

    I see a lot of TV chatting in our future :P Thank your lucky stars I don’t have your MSN or something haha

  11. sophie says:

    Ohh. I am totally lost in this, I just recognize two! How bad. You have to make a training to learn non addict people! ;-)

  12. Manictastic says:

    Lost, Battle Star Galactica, 24, Prison Break, House MD, and probably many more :D

  13. Ana Luisa says:

    Got 3 out of those: Lost, 24 hours and House MD.

  14. Tess says:

    Stu, it’s been a week now… You didn’t get an OD did ya? :p
    This suspense is killing me *hehe*

  15. Invader Stu says:

    Every show was mentioned but no one person said them all:

    Lost, House, Prison Break, Battle Star Galactica, Sarah Conner Chronicles, 24, X-files and Heroes.

    kiks – It’s actually called: Sarah Conner gets Lost in Prison with 24 X Star Heroes, MD :p

    Dragonlady – Since no one got all of them you will never know :p

    Tess – I am going through Heroes withdrawal

    a usual suspect – I knew that *tries to look believable*

    Breigh – But which one of us the bugger addict. I forgot to put in Dexter so I guess I lose points. That is a great show too.

    sophie – I don’t know if it would be a good thing to get people as addicted as me.

    Tess – I was going through withdrawal :( :p

  16. Dragonlady says:

    That’s cruel. I bet you never even had a prize, just like the TV phone in shows over here.

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