Photos Uit Amsterdam: Crime Section

Crime Section

This photo was taken in the American Book Center on Spui. The crime section had become a crime scene after an argument over the last copy of Baantjer’s latest book got slightly out of hand. The investigation has concluded from the body’s position that the victim still tried to grab the paperback even during his final moments. Police are calling it the strongest book recommendation they have ever seen.

4 responses to “Photos Uit Amsterdam: Crime Section”

  1. VallyP says:

    Stu!! You’re back! I thought for one awful moment you were the victim here, but then I realised that unless your spiritual side had taken over your blog (not that I’d blame it), you must be alive and well, and OMG, living in R*******m!! Forgive my language..I promise I’ll wash my mouth out with s & W…hehe…

    Anyway, fantastic to se eyou blogging again. I’ve read them all and had a big chuckle over the registration fiasco. I must put my daughter and son in law onto your blog. In fact, if you live in these parts, maybe you could meet up with them sometime. They arrived from South Africa at the end of last year, and are also becoming boat people.

  2. Isabella says:

    Hilarious! I saw this just recently as well & was tempted to take a photo ;-) Great that you share it here!

  3. Invader Stu says:

    Thanks VallyP. It’s great to be back. And I agree, we have to meet up sometime now we are back in the same city. I was showing my girlfriend your blog because she is really into boating too. We bot recognise the location from your header photo.

    Isabella – I see it all the time but yesterday when I was walking through the store I just suddenly got the idea to take a photo.

  4. VallyP says:

    That would be great. Pop round sometime if you are lurking around the Oude Haven. My offspring and attachment are on my barge in the neighbouring Haringvliet as they needed a place to park themselves, so now I’m sharing with my man (but not husband in this case) on his Luxor. It’s a bit more rustic than mine but we manage. We’re often away at weekends, but if you’re around, just call in and see. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are always good as I don’t teach those evenings. By the way, I think my barge is on a million photos all over the world as the tourists always had it in their sights when they took pics of the cubist buildings!

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