Put My Headphones Through The Washing Machine


You can launder clothes and you can launder money but as a general rule it is not really a good idea to wash your electronic equipment in the washing machine, or in the sink for that matter… or in the shower. Basically it is best to keep anything electrical as far away as possible from any source of water and/or soap. Unless of course it is water proof and intended for use with water such as an underwater camera for example…

But I digress! Let’s just agree to say it is best to keep electronic stuff away from wet stuff.

Unfortunately I seem to have developed an annoying habit of washing my headphones in the washing machine lately. I say habit because I’m fairly certain that three times with-in three weeks counts as a habit. I also say annoying because all though it does leave my headphones feeling silky soft and the colours do not run it is not something I am doing intentionally. No, it is because of another bad habit of mine; not checking the pockets of anything before I put them in to the wash. In the past this has also resulted in me actually laundering money (and my credit cards).

After my headphones emerged from the washing machine once again this week (and after half an hour of trying to untangle them) they proved to still be ‘usable’. The only difference now is that until they dry out again Muse sound like they are giving an underwater concert and Michael Jackson sounds like he is attempting a ventriloquist act while gargling water.

Hopefully they will survive the next time I inevitably put them through the spin cycle.

13 responses to “Put My Headphones Through The Washing Machine”

  1. A Touch of Dutch says:

    Comical! And, as always, a great cartoon to accompany!
    Glad they’re still working for you, to some extent ;-)
    I’ve found previous to this a memory stick can still function after a wash. Thankfully!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Amanda says:

    My husband has this habit. I was forced to take over laundry duties after he washed his cellphone for the 3rd time. Surprisingly it never died permanently.

  3. Melissa P says:

    I’ve washed one or two cell phones of my stepkids… unfortunately they weren’t as durable as Amanda’s husband’s because they all died!

  4. Dan Potter says:

    Why take anything out of your pants pocket when you get ready for bed? You always know where it is in the morning… >.>

  5. Anneke says:

    :D Or never put anything in your pockets. Saves a lot of hassle. Or never use heafdphones again, Use speakers instead! Now you cannot only listen to your music without damaging your ears, you also get to annoy your neighbours on busses and trams as a bonus! :P

  6. Tess says:

    I washed my wireless keyboard the other day… You see the difference between you and me is that you forgot to put your stuff in the dryer right after and you didn’t use ‘Vanish Oxi Action’ to make MJ disappear… you’re forever stained :p

  7. Irishangell says:

    I know the feeling. I have lost 3 ipdods due to being washed. not my fault though, tis Apple’s fault for making the little blighters lighter than air. on the plus side, its not a habit till you’ve done it 14 times

  8. Jase says:

    Did you keep this out of the “Accidents & Embarrassments” category because it already outnumbers the other categories? :-)

  9. Keith says:

    Of course nothing happened to the headphones. Water is a liquid, and electricity is magic, and it’s a well known fact that magic and water do not mix; ask any self respecting witch. You can prove this yourself by sitting in a bath of cold water and leaning over touch the element of a one-bar electric fire. The result is that you won’t even feel it burn your fingers. . . .

    If you want more info on this subject just email me at m.faraday@heaven.god.org

  10. Invader Stu says:

    Hello everyone. My replies to comments might be a little slower then normal at the moment because I’m in London at the moment. Have said that…

    A Touch of Dutch – I think memory sticks are about the only thing I have not washed yet.

    Amanda – I don’t have laundry duty either and I still manage to get it in there sometimes un-noticed.

    Melissa P – I really hope I never do it with my phone.

    Dan Potter – This is what I try to tell my girlfriend but she just does not get it.

    Anneke – No way. If I did that I would become one of those people I hate :p

    Tess – I just do it the old fashion way and hand my headphones out on the washing line.

    Irishangell – The way I am going it will be a habit soon.

    Jase – It’s funny that you ask that because I did think about it for a while :p

    So what your saying is I should not try to iron my headphones either? :p

    Keith – Can I test this magic with a plugged in toaster in the bath as well?

  11. Aledys Ver says:

    Hilarious! Both, you washing your headphones and imagining the “new” sound of MJ and Muse… Have you tried listening to some Shakira songs after this? She has a somehow gurgling thing going on in her songs, I wonder if your headphones make her sound non-gurgling? :o)

  12. Anneke says:

    Exactly Stu! Revenge on all those annoying speakers! Mwuhahaha! *imagine right pinky touching right side of mouth*

  13. Invader Stu says:

    Aledys Ver – It could work like a cancellation effect and make her sound normal.

    Anneke – Oh you are evillllllll.

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