Voting Card 2012

A lot of people have contacted me today regarding an error with their voting cards for today’s general elections here in the Netherlands. I wish to apologize deeply for this mistake and have made the correction to the voting list here:

Voting Card 2012

Thank you for your continued support.

If you wish to know more about my policies and exciting ideas you can check my previous ‘press releases’ here:
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15 responses to “Voting Card 2012”

  1. Alison says:

    Are you letting those of us who live here but don’t have citizenship vote? I would absolutely vow my allegiance to you oh great King Stu!

  2. Invader_Stu says:

    Alsion – Of course :D It would be very hypocritical for a English king of Holland to tell non-Dutch people they can vote. You are more then welcome to vote for me :)

  3. Luuk says:

    I think it is “Stembiljet voor de verkiezing 2012”, not voot (;

  4. Invader_Stu says:

    Luuk – Oops. Thanks for spotting that. You can be the minister for spell correction in my new government.

  5. Dude, if I were in Holland, I’d totally vote for you. (How about citizens living in other EU countries???)

    (On a further note: I *really* needed to smile today. Thanks for this post.)

  6. Invader_Stu says:

    Barb – Friends of the king get the special rule that they can vote even if they are in other countries.

  7. Iooryz says:

    Thanks for making my vote possible.


  8. Invader Stu says:

    Iooryz – You are very welcome. Thank you for pointing out that you had not received the correct voting card yet.

  9. Likeahike says:

    So now it’s up to het torentje? A fitting location for a king, I think. Or are you moving the government to Amsterdam?

  10. suus says:

    All hail! In the winter!

  11. dragon lady says:

    You tataly have my vote.

  12. dragon lady says:

    opps sorry, typo I meant totaly

  13. VallyP says:

    Sadly, I am still considered an alien here, and as voting is not a privilege accorded to creatures from outer space (or other continents, which according to the aliens police is same thing), I could not have voted for you even if these wonderful voting slips had been available – but I would have. Definitely!

  14. Likeahike says:

    VallyP – Don’t know about E.T. not being able to vote. Those who voted for Geert Wilders feel pretty alien to me. Fortunately there weren’t that many any more. I’d choose King Stu over that dreadful creature any day! ;-)

  15. Invader Stu says:

    Likeahike – Na, I’m going to continue to rule the country from my apartment here in Rotterdam.

    Suus – Thank you

    Dragon Lady – I’d be worried if I didn’t :p

    VallyP- It’sok. I just changed the rules. You are allowed to vote :)

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