Bugging Sinterklaas

Bugging Sinterklaas Comic

This comic is based on the true story of the time I really wrote to Sinterklaas (and got a reply).

It first appeared in the November/December edition of DUTCH:The Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine for Dutch descendants and expats living in Canada.

10 responses to “Bugging Sinterklaas”

  1. Yvette says:

    You really oughta write these questions out in a year or two for your daughter when she gets to practicing printing and mail them in- maybe you’ll get a proper answer then. ;)

    • Invader Stu says:

      Haha. Good idea. The funny thing is in the original letter I did not tell them my age or that I was not a little boy but from the reply I got I think they were on to me.

  2. Ute (expatsincebirth) says:

    This is brilliant, Stu! I really love your style ;-)

  3. Lucas v T says:

    Very deep comic Stu. I almost missed the hidden deeper meaning until I saw how much the Sint character looked like the you-character. I’m touched.

  4. Likeahike says:

    Another good laugh when I needed one! Though I do wonder what you did to make the naughty list.

  5. Nicolaas says:

    Dear Stuart,

    Claus and I have setup a real-time naughty list synchronisation, so your are known to be very naughty. You have gained more weight then my sack can bear so you will have to endure the following punishment.

    I will setup a special circle party. There will be no boooze, but insane amounts of speculaas, pepernoten, banketleeters and marsePIJN too make you sick for one week. If there is music it will be slow boring songs from the 19th century, it will be impossible to dance on it.

    You are forced to read out load a long piece that lists all awkard things about you. It should rime but it does not (think speculoos and loose). The other circle party attendants are laughing socks off. Then you are forced to do an excercise run three times though the house and the other end of the street to finally pick up an object behind the couch.

    It is unclear what the object should represent, but it contains more ducktape then ever used on mythbusters and is armed with string bombs. Now half of the attendants are laughing at you covered in ductape while the other half is crying scared by the string bombs. At the end the object contains something you do not want or need.


    PS I am kind of busy could you please create all of above for xxx

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