London Christmas Visit

London Christmas Visit

After two weeks of visiting friends and family in London during the Christmas period I have returned to Holland. During my visit I:

– Had a flight cancelled and rescheduled due to fog, a meal at a restaurant cancelled and rescheduled due to a power cut and several trains cancelled and rescheduled due to British Rail. I started to sense a pattern.

Spent an evening telling my friends the story about how I nearly got arrested while out jogging and tried to explain to them that I am not really a criminal.

Became a real criminal in London after I walked out of a bar and forgot to pay for my drink. I only realized my mistake 20 minutes later. I am still at large and now hiding in Holland from the British authorities.

Was lured into a Macintosh shop with much trickery and deception by a Mac loving friend who I have been in a Mac vs. PC argument with for some time. I had to admit that the store looked very stylish. However, it did not have what we needed and turned out to be unhelpful…. just like a Mac.

Received a red fire truck for Christmas from my mum because of a joke I made in a previous post about Sinterklass.

Had a few drinks with my usually sober Dad. To cut a long story short, the next time he tries to lecture me about over drinking all I will have to remind him of a few things he did that night.

Celebrated my 30th birthday a year early because a friend gave me a flashing ‘30’ badge to wear while we were out drinking in London. This was either because he could not find a ‘29’ badge or because he can not count. I also suspected that it was a badge intended for a girl since it was pink and read, “30 and Flirty.” I wore it anyway.

Spent some time testing the authenticity of a Dutch theme pub in London just because I could. It didn’t really pass the test since the bar man did not understand what I was trying to communicate when I shouted, “Biertje.”

12 responses to “London Christmas Visit”

  1. Keith says:

    So all in all it was a pretty humdrum sort of a Christmas then?

    Nothing much happened to me either, apart from a drunken brawl in a pub which resulted in a stabbing, a bus ploughing into a queue of people, a smash and grab raid at the Launderette and the dog kennel collapsing on the dog and killing him. Then I woke up in a sweat and found that Santa had forgotten me yet again!

  2. Wezz6400 says:

    I love your mother’s sence of humour. :-D

  3. Bemused says:

    Like mum like son, hey? ;)

  4. meghnak says:

    Hi STu,
    This was funny! LOL!:D
    Looks like things have been going really well,(eh?) since the last few weeks!
    Keep writing!

  5. Dragonlady says:

    You never told us about forgetting to pay for your drink, I wondered what the wanted posters were about. You will have to wear a disguise next time you come home.

  6. Ana Luisa says:

    Yay, new year, new stories!
    P.S.: When I almost (I said almost) changed my mind about Macs, two friends lost every single thing that was on their computers and I decided to stick with my dear old PC…

  7. Tess says:

    You are bad… so bad… *tuttut*
    I spared you but perhaps I should post that picture after all
    In fact you are begging in a way :p

  8. sophie says:

    happy you came back! :-)

  9. zed says:

    You are definitely a liability! You have no idea how much I worried about you coming down to Brussels …. It looks like it’s the UK that you can’t cope with. (And A’dam ….)

  10. BlondebutBright says:

    Sounds like a fun holiday! Don’t treat the flashing 30 badge lightly – it will be your turn before you know it. :)

  11. Invader Stu says:

    Keith – Sorry to hear that

    Wezz6400 – You should see the invader stu birthday card she made me.

    Bemused – We’re still trying to work out who is more accident prone.

    meghnak – It was fun.

    Dragonlady – I’ll be laying low for a while.

    Ana Luisa – It sounds safer.

    Tess – You know I’m just teasing you :p

    sophie – Thanks

    zed – There is still plenty of time for stuff to go wrong during my next visit to Brussels.

    BlondebutBright – I know. Less then a year to go now.

  12. Manictastic says:

    Hey, does this mean you can celebrate your 29th birthday next year. By golly, I think you could be the first man ever in succeding to actually get younger. Congrats.

    A red firey truck, too cool.

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