British Sophistication – The Foil Top Plastic Wine Glass

England. Home of cricket, good showmanship, afternoon tea, the Queen, Winston Churchill, the British stiff upper lip and now; the classy foil top plastic wine glass (the funniest thing I saw during my recent visit).

Foil Top Plastic Wine Glass

On offer at most London train stations the decadent foil top plastic wine glass is available in white, red and rosé. It is perfect for the sophisticated young Englishman on the go who likes to enjoy their train journey in style (and is not too worried about spilling wine all over themselves as the train lurches about). It is also perfect for dinner parties or a quite romantic night in with that special someone since (as the foil top tells us) the plastic glass can be reused.

Anyone can instantly look like a sophisticated Englishman while drinking from the foil top plastic wine glass. It can be enjoyed with a straw for the intellectual look (the foil can be tough so make sure to use strong stabbing motions)…

Foil Top Plastic Wine Glass 1

…or for added sophistication open and leave the foil attached while drinking.

Foil Top Plastic Wine Glass 2

The foil top plastic wine glass has a full bodied, fun and fruity taste with hints of metallic foil and a twang of glue and recyclable plastic (or to put it in a more English way; bloody awful).

26 responses to “British Sophistication – The Foil Top Plastic Wine Glass”

  1. Alison says:

    Oh, that’s wrong on so very many levels! They might as well just serve it in a mini glass bottle like the small cokes. I’d rather swig straight from the bottle than drink from a plastic cup like that. Plus, with the bottle, you can always reclose it with the handy screw-on lid! :D

  2. Rob says:

    I like the way you stabbed the frog with the straw in the second photo :)

  3. Avalon Greene says:

    LOL, saves doing the dishes. You just throw the plastic wine glass away. Can you bring a few dozen over for me next time. Maybe we can start up a trend here in dutchyland :D

  4. Bertie says:

    I collect these glasses .))

  5. Rob says:

    They had these on Dragon’s Den a couple of years ago, funny little things :)

  6. julia says:

    So glad to see you used the straw. I was thinking that was what you needed. Next time maybe you can get a bendy one.

  7. French Bean says:

    As someone who lives in a country with a predominant wine culture, let me be the first to say this: THIS IS ABSOLUTE BLASPHEMY TO ALL THINGS WINE!!! It’s even more insulting that the mascot on the glass is a FROG.

    *pats down hair*

    Ahem. Carry on, then.

    (And welcome back!)

  8. Dragonlady says:

    You didn’t tell us that you actually bought one. Where did you get the straw from or did you just happen to have one on you?
    What did it taste like?

  9. Anita says:

    What a heresy.

  10. mub says:

    Wow… This just seems desperate to me!

  11. IrishAngell says:

    the foil top wine thingy is one of the many joys brought to us by Dragons den. Along with Reggae reggae sauce. (and not much else)
    Funny enough i do believe they were turned down by the dragons and then went on to make a fortune!

  12. Bart says:

    You’ve chosen the wine for your wedding then?

  13. Jules says:

    Foil-topped wine…and here I was thinking that beer from a can was wrong…

  14. Invader Stu says:

    Alison – I know right. Small bottles make a lot more seance if they wanted to do take away wine. If the intent is to drink it on the train I really can’t see a way around spilling it all over the place. With a bottle you would not have to worry about that.

    Rob – what you also have to look closely at is ‘where’ I stabbed the frog.

    Avalon Greene – Why would you want to throw them away when you can clean them and reuse them :p

    Bertie – Like a wine collector? Do you have a 1678 foil top plastic wine glass?

    Julia – I wanted a bendy one but I could not find one. I also wanted a little umbrella.

    French Bean – I can imagine such a thing coursing riots in France. If fact I believe the recent petrol strikes in France is because of this blasphemy.

    Dragonlady – We got it on our way to the boat (where the photos are taken and where the straw came from to). It tasted really bad. Probably not helped by the fact that when I stabbed it with the straw I got little foil fragments floating in it.

    Anita & Mub – I agree with both of you there. I did nearily fall about laughing in the shop the first time I saw one though.

    IrishAngell – It’s good to see that the Dragons thought it was such a silly idea. But I guess as silly as it is it must make money.

    Bart – How did you know? I’m getting 20 crates of the stuff shipped over at the moment.

    Jules – Just wait and see. Next it will be foil top plastic pint beer glasses.

  15. Mattias says:

    Maybe they could sell it at Febo

  16. Bart says:

    Stu, it’s okay to use it for the wedding. Dutch people won’t know the difference anyway and they’ll think it’s excellent with their ‘broodje kroket’ for starters and ‘bitterballen’ for mains.
    Or at least they’ll appreciate it’s cheap :-p

  17. A Touch of Dutch blog says:

    Hilarious! It makes wine in a box seem clever! Maybe next they’ll combine the concept & start to sell it in juice boxes or Capri Sun-like pouches ;-)

  18. French Bean says:

    Word to the wise: when you’re in France next month, DON’T bring up the topic of blasphemy wine with the rioters. :-P

  19. Invader Stu says:

    Mattias – I can see that working.

    Bart – I’m starting to think we could have saved a lot of money on this wedding.

    Touch of Dutch – Somehow juice boxes seem more dignified.

    French Bean – Why? They could do with some refreshment. I was going to go up to them and give them some.

  20. French Bean says:


    On a more serious note, *do* try the “vin chaud” that is sold on the street either by independant sellers or by bars and cafes. Vin chaud is a seasonal wine-based hot beverage that I associate with winters in France. It’s delicious and warms you up in an instant!

  21. Ouwie says:

    Wow. That ranks up there with the can of white wine I got in my kerstpakket a few years ago. I took pictures of it. They came out better than the wine. I’m not vouching for the quality of the pictures either.

  22. Anneke says:

    @Ouwie, indeed, my wine said; this wine is a product of several wines from several countries. *blink* I drank it, and forgot about it. It looked like red wine, tasted like rose, and was altogether a disgusting experience.

    Anyway, these “glasses” seem to fall in the same category.

  23. Invader Stu says:

    French Bean – I’ll give it a try :)

    Ouwie – Hehe. Well put.

    Anneke – I can’t think of anything worse than mixed wine. Even with out thinking about the taste it just sounds like someone collected the half empty glasses from the end of a party and put them all in a bottle.

  24. VallyP says:

    Unbelievable! How tacky can things get? Sophisticated…pffff

  25. Just a Plane Ride Away says:

    Ah, an adult sippy-drink ;-) Maybe you leave the foil on so you don’t spill the stuff on yourself? LOL.

  26. Invader Stu says:

    VallyP – I’m sure they will find more ways to get tacky

    Just a Plane Ride Away – They should make children non-spill cups for wine… for adults of course not children :)

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