Alex Goes To The Efteling

Today our young guest writer Alex de Leeuw is very excited to tell us all about his visit to The Efteling with myself, my wife and my parents who were over visiting from England.

Alex Goes To The Efteling 1
Vandaag was ik heel erg blij! We zijn naar de Efteling geweest, mijn favoriete pretpark in Nederland, misschien wel van de hele wereld.

Today I was so happy. We went to the Efteling, my best and favourite theme park in the whole of Holland, maybe the whole world.

Alex Goes To The Efteling 2
Er waren heel veel leuke atracties, zoals Fata Morgana.

There were lots of fun rides like Fata Morgana.

Alex Goes To The Efteling 3
En hele enge atracties zoals Villa Volta.
“Ga daar niet in, het spookt!”

And scary rides like Villa Volta.
“Don’t go in there. It’s haunted.”

Alex Goes To The Efteling 4
Mijn favoriete atracties zijn Carnival Festival…

My favourite rides are Carnival Festival…

Alex Goes To The Efteling 5
…en Droomvlucht.

…and Dream Flight.

Alex Goes To The Efteling 6
In het sprookjesbos kun je grote paddestoelen tegenkomen…

In the fairy tale forest you can find really big mushroom…

Alex Goes To The Efteling 7
…en slapende reuzen.
“Ssshhhh. Maak geen geluid.”

…and sleeping giants.
“Ssshhhh. Don’t make a sound.”

Alex Goes To The Efteling 8
Ik was te klein voor een paar grote achtbanen.

I was too small to go on some of the bigger roller coasters.

Alex Goes To The Efteling 9
Dus ik heb gewacht met een zakje chips.

So I waited with a bag of crisps.

Alex Goes To The Efteling 10
En gekeken naar Stuart in de achtbaan. Hij werd heel erg nat. Ik ben blij dat ik er niet in ben gegaan.

And watched Stuart go on the roller coaster. He got soaked. I’m glad I did not go on it.

9 responses to “Alex Goes To The Efteling”

  1. Alison says:

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Mmm. Crisps. That reminds me; it’s lunchtime! :)

  2. Windmill tales says:

    We love the Efteling! Did you go on the new rollercoaster? Joris and the Draak?

  3. Wezz6400 says:

    Alex’s Dutch has improved quite a lot, nice work!

  4. French Bean says:

    It’s Alex! :-D

    Should I ever visit this park, I’ll be sure to avoid Villa Volta. Not a big fan of haunted things…

  5. Invader Stu says:

    Alison – Oh yes, we did. Alex also shared his crisps with us.

    Windmill Tales – Yes. I went on it with my dad and really enjoyed it. We won the race too. Alex could not go on it because of the height restriction.

    Wezz6400 – Alex’s Dutch has improved? I’m not sure what you mean. Alex is Dutch :p

    French Bean – If you are not a fan of things that spin you will not like it either. the rest of the theme park is great though… Alex say’s hi.

  6. dragonlady says:

    Hi Alex, nice to hear from you again. I think you deserved a day at the Efteling after all the help you have given Stuart and Simone with the boat and DIY.

  7. Keith says:

    “Ga daar niet in, het spookt!”
    “ijn favoriete pretpark in Nederland,”
    “Dus ik heb gewacht met een zakje chips”.

    Don’tcha just luv the Dutch language? It’s almost intelligible! I do believe I can understand the above phrases without the aid of an interpreter.

  8. VallyP says:

    Awww, he looks a bit sad in that last photo! Great to see Alex again, though. Have you too also been very busy?

  9. Invader Stu says:

    Keith – That will be the whisky kicking in :p

    Dragonlady – I think your right. ALex enjoyed helping out with DIY but he ‘really’ enjoyed the Efteling.

    VallyP – Oh yes. We’ve been too busy (but we’ve had help from Alex as well). Mostly with house stuff and trying to sell the place. We’re almost done with all the DIY and just have to sell the place now.

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