Mismatching Socks

Mismatching Socks

At some point in their lives most people have warn odd socks. Some people place mismatching socks upon their feet accidentally because they are still half asleep as they try to dress themselves. Others wear odd socks as a fashion statement or as a way of rebelling against the fascist matching socks rules that society imposes upon them.

However, this is nothing. Today I managed to take footwear defiance a step farther.

When I arrived at my local gym today and opened my kit bag I discovered something more then odd socks inside. Odd socks would have been a forgivable mistake. Odd socks would have been normal. However, I had odd trainers. Neither the left or right trainer matched the other. I had managed to pick up my own right trainer but in my rush to leave the house I had also picked up my house mates left trainer.

Our foot size seems to be a close match so I only got a few strange looks and the limp coursed by the mismatching footwear was not too bad really.

At least my socks matched.

7 responses to “Mismatching Socks”

  1. ChickyBabe says:

    You’re game wearing someone else’s gym shoes!

  2. tenakalaz says:

    You have no idea….. it was mine….. even I worry about wearing it. ;)

  3. BlondebutBright says:

    I’m impressed you stayed to do the workout – now that’s dedication!

  4. Dragon lady says:

    Maybe you’ll start a new fashion. Maybe shops will start selling odd shoes so you can choose your own combination.

  5. Tess says:

    What happened to good old-fashioned clogs? ;)

  6. Invader Stu says:

    ChickyBabe – At least it was not his socks

    Tenakalaz – If my feet fall off I’ll let you know

    BlondebutBright – Dedication or foolishness. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

    Dragon lady – I have to get a patent on this quickly

    Tess – I don’t know if working out with something that is a fire hazard is a good idea :p

  7. Rose DesRochers says:

    ROFL. I can picture it now. Thanks for the laughs red.

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