Parents Visit: Day 4 & 5 – Old Holland and the Herons

Old Holland

As I stepped off the train at Amsterdam on the fourth day (of my parents visit) my phone started to ring. My mum was calling. Since they had booked their hotel before I knew I would be moving we were staying in different towns and had to meet up in Amsterdam each morning.

“Are you at Amsterdam yet?” She asked when I answered the phone.

“Yeah, I just got here.” It was the first time I was not late due to my inability to function in the mornings, something my parents kept on taking the Mickey out of me for.

“Ok… Well… We got off at the wrong stop and ended up at the Arena. We’ll be there as soon as we can.” She explained. I was finally able to take the Mickey out of them in return.

When they arrived we made our way to a traditional Dutch village near Zaandam. It’s an open air museum made up of old 19th century Dutch houses, factories and windmills all brought together from different areas of the country and restored. They even have the very first Albert Heijn shop from 1887. Albert Heijn is now the biggest chain of super markets in Holland.

We did not get lost trying to find the place like we had the other days. However, we did get lost trying to find our way back since we thought we could find a quicker way to return.

If you have not already guessed; both my parents love to travel and enjoy very long walks. Several people have commented on the amazing distances they will stroll in order to do a bit of sight seeing. I myself work behind a desk and spend most my days more or less stationary. I’m not used to hiking such long distances so by the fifth day I was starting to limp as I tried to keep up with my parents while they made jokes about young people having no stamina. Luckily this was the one day during their visit that we did not get lost.

We spent the morning looking around the Hortus Botanical Gardens and in the afternoon the Artis Zoo (both in Amsterdam). Since Artis is a Zoo there are a lot of animals (of course) but during our visit there were a few that were out of place. Our encounter with the Heron on the first day had seemed strange but the Zoo was practically under going a Heron invasion. They were every where, hiding amongst the flamingos, sneaking between the penguins, acting shifty around the camels. If there was food available in an open enclosure (and there was no animal likely to eat them) the Herons had taken over. Most of the animals had given up trying to chase them away. Luckily for us they did not try to nick our food when we stopped off for a bite to eat.

My parents returned to England the next day and I finally had time to recover from the week. I’ll be seeing them again tomorrow when I fly to England for the week to catch up with friends and family.

7 responses to “Parents Visit: Day 4 & 5 – Old Holland and the Herons”

  1. Charlemagne Stavanger says:

    Yeah, more herons! Have a nice stay in England.

  2. Robert says:

    I took my wife to the Netherlands 2 years ago and we had a great time at Apenel. It is a park with monkeys running free, plus bigger monkeys behind motes and fences. I know my description isn’t very good, but we did have a great time there. Just in case you are looking for another place to take your parents the next time they visit.

  3. roxanne says:

    Have a fun trip! (don’t forget the maps)

  4. vallyP says:

    I love the image of shifty, sneaky herons!Tthere are a lot of them about at the moment though, even here in deepest darkest Rotters. I love the way they can be so utterly still, you’d think they were plaster models. Maybe it’s all that training for covert activities they do..;-)
    Glad you had a good day. I really must do some sight seeing myself one of these…I’ve lived here fo 6 years now! I’ll check out your links before I start..!

  5. Invader_Stu says:

    Hi everyone. I might not be on-line that much while I’m in England so sorry if I take a long time to respond and post. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit a post in at some point during the visit.

    Robert – It sounds like just my kind of place. I’ll have to go and check it out. My mum reads this blog too so as soon as she saw your comment she said we’ll have to go their next time. lol

    Charlemagne Stavanger – Thanks. I’ve been here (England) for a few days now.

    Jef – It takes a little getting used to but it is a great place to live.

    Roxanne – Thanks. Hopefully I won’t get lost. Although if the places I know have changed a lot in the last nine months it could still happen. lol

    VallyP – Maybe the herons were really stalking us with their Ninja skills.

  6. Bonestorm says:

    My folks tend to spend most of their time watching TV. They’ve never been out of the country. It sounds really boring I guess, and well… it is.

  7. nothing really matters says:

    Hey have fun over here in England!

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