Something New

Something New

What better way to launch the new site then with something a bit new. This one is a slight experiment. I hope to make the comics a semi-regular appearance during my on going writing. How often that will be I don’t know yet.

It took a little while to finish the site but Invading Holland has finally grown up and moved away from home and into its own domain. Along with the new domain are a few other improvements. There are now additional pages (Profile and Gallery) which can be accessed via the tabs along the top of this window. Plus there are a few other new additions here and there in the side bars. If you see any errors or mistakes I might have missed please let me know.

39 responses to “Something New”

  1. ellen says:

    Your new site is very nice, Stu. Love the cartoon.

  2. zed says:

    you thanked tenakalaz ? blimey, soon you’ll be friends ;)

  3. zed says:

    yes, stu. but you don’t have to be his friend. i live with four other people and can’t stand any of them.

  4. zed says:

    oh it is. who wants to go out for a beer with their 13 year old son ?

    pah, he’s hardly out of nappies.

  5. Jodie says:

    Oooooh… aaaaaah… oh crap, just got wet paint on my jeans :)

    Well done Stu, you’ve finally moved away from the blogger camp and set up all on your own! Here’s to many more chuckle-filled posts!

  6. marycub says:

    Hurray here you are – thought i’d lost you for a minute!

  7. Jodie says:

    Lucky for you Tenakalaz is an understanding parent :)

  8. BlondebutBright says:

    Congratulations! You’ve done it! I hope the comics do become semi-regular. Not that your posts and the comments aren’t entertaining enough. ;)

  9. Tess says:

    Well done!!! and congratulations on the launch! Absolutely fabulous. That calls for some bubbles… [click me if you like some too!]

  10. Emiel says:

    I was expecting a complete new layout, but I see some things are still the same. Nevertheless: great site! And I like the profile & cartoons. I myself never bothered with making a nice blog, I have this complete crap blog from MySpace.

  11. Alan says:

    I used to teach my English friends that the correct response to “Hoe gaat het met U?” was “Ik heb een heel kliene lul.” It had roughly the same response.

    Congrats on the new site. WordPress, only way to go.

  12. Tenakalaz says:

    No Really “Ik heb net 8 verpleegsters vermoord!!” is how you say “would you like a drink” in Dutch….. honestly (thx to man stroke woman, BBC3)

  13. Tenakalaz says:

    I know where he lives, he had better thank me….

  14. Stu says:

    Thank you Ellen

    You do know Tenakalaz is my flat mate right Zed? :p

  15. Tenakalaz says:

    sounds like fun at your house Zed…

  16. Stu says:

    At least you would not have to buy him many drinks before he passed out Zed

    By the way everyone. I’m trying to work out why your comment images are not appearing. They should be working soon.

  17. Stu says:

    Jodie – Oh… sorry. I should have warned you before you sat down. I fell free now I have moved away from blogger. I can stay up late, party and drink as much as I want and not get sent to my room.

    MaryCub – You can never lose a stalker :p

  18. paavei says:

    Congrats with the move! Although much looks the same, it still looks great and shows improvement :) Looking forward to reading more of your funny blog entries!

  19. Charlemagne says:

    Awesome! and in WordPress I see.

    That cartoon reminds of something for My Big Fat Greek Wedding :D

  20. roxanne says:

    Congrats! Woohoo!! Looks great so far. Plus, I’m still in the blogroll. :)

  21. ChickyBabe says:

    *hands Stu Champagne and beer*

    Am I late for the blog-warming party?

    Love the cartoon! Look forward to more.

  22. flicka says:

    dude, the new site looks great!
    and love the whole comic thing.

    ps. will update links asap.

  23. Stu says:

    Jodie – The thought of Tenakalaz as my dad is scary.

    BlondebutBright – Thanks. There will at least be a few.

    Pua – It’s still possable. I had no clue how to set this all up when I started and you saw how many cries for help I left on the blogger forum :p

    Tess – Thanks. Hours of bubble popping fun :)

    Emiel – There is nothing wrong with that. It’s were I started.

    Paavei – Thanks. I’m glade you like it.

    Alan – You’re an evil but funny man :)I know what you mean about wordpress. I’ve only had the site live on it for a day and I already like it a lot better.

    Charlemagne – I’ll have to see that movie now.

    Roxanne – Of course you are :)

  24. Stu says:

    Blog-warming party. I like the sound of that :) I’ll put on some music

  25. Elle says:

    I love your drawings and cartoons so a fan of your new site already.

    ‘Dit is mijn vriend en hij betaalt’ is always a good one ;)

  26. Miss Evvil says:

    Congrats Stu!!! I’m loving it already :D
    I hope you’ll continue with the cartoon, regular or not, I need my shot of humor ever so often…
    And any chance of a “The best of Invading Holland”-collected book soon? Plz say yes!

  27. Stu says:

    Flicka – Thanks

    Miss Evvil – A few people have made that suggestion. It’s something I’ve started thinking about doing.

  28. Tess says:

    Dragon lady – happy to hear you love them as much as I do! ;) Oh yes; solitare… hours and hours and hours…

  29. Jarod says:

    Awesome blog, Stu! The look is great. Keep going with those cartoons!

  30. VallyP says:

    Not bad at all kiddo! Very classy and I do indeed like the cartoons. Don’t let it stop you writing though! The combination will be fantastic but the stips without your stories would be poverty indeed!

  31. Melissa says:

    If I ever make it to Amsterdam I’ll teach you how to say it in French too ;)
    Great job on the new site!!!!!!!!!

  32. Dragon lady says:

    Tess: thanks for the bubbles, almost as adictive as solitare.

  33. Joe says:

    Hey Stu! nice site!!
    And i think that if you did webcomics, it would be really good for you! Theres this other webcomic i read regulaly, about games, so if i read yours aswell…yayness!
    Take care man, happy writing.

  34. Ash says:

    Lookin good!!!!

    Ow ow, as always!

  35. Andy says:

    I´m loving the ´Profile and Gallery´ side of it all.

    Keep it up!


  36. Stu says:

    Elle – That would be a good way of getting him back :)

    Charlemagne – I could not get the page to work. What does it mean?

    Jarod – Thanks

    VallyP – Not to worry. I’ll be posting a new full written post tommrow.

    Melissa – Is that a way of saying you want me to ask you? :p

    Andy – Thanks

  37. Joe says:

    Nah its this one called VGcats, really funny. check it out if you havent already!

  38. Stu says:

    Joe – Is it Ctrl+Alt+Del?

    Ash – Thanks :)

  39. Stu says:

    I know that one. It’s a good one.

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