The Beard Truth


I have been living a lie. For a long time I have tried to live with the weight of this lie but it has become too great for me to carry any longer. It is time for me to come clean and confess the truth that I have hidden from you all for so long… I have facial hair.

I will give you a moment for this shocking revelation to sink in.

Although my cartoon has had a clean shaven and innocent image for a very long time the truth is that in real life I have a beard. I didn’t mean to deceive anyone. I grew the beard sometime after I started drawing the cartoon. Lately (and on several occasions) it has been suggested by those who know me in real life that I should finally update my cartoon to reflect the true hairiness of my chin. However, the lies have become so mixed up in my head that I cannot decide what the best course of action is any more. And that my friends, is why I am turning to you for advice.

Should my cartoon keep his youthful and familiar clean shaven appearance that he has warn for so long or should he embrace every aspect of his adulthood (except maturity, sensibility and responsibility) and proudly display his facial fuzz?

The decision is up to you. The future of this blog is in your hands. Results will be announced later in this week. Vote now!

Update: Voting is now closed

22 responses to “The Beard Truth”

  1. Stuart (Other One) says:

    I wouldn’t put a beard on you, even if you have one in real life. I like clean shaven Stu!

  2. Lorelei says:

    Cartoon Stu: no beard please.
    Real Stu: pictures please!

  3. Andrew says:

    Personally I think it would blow my mind if cartoon Stu had a beard, keep the innocent look!

  4. Breigh says:

    What about a happy medium? Stubble!

  5. Alison says:

    I voted “sometimes”, because I’m indecisive that way. But I’d lean toward no for the cartoon, yes for the real you.

  6. Jules says:

    I vote “sometimes”, too: you know, in case you ever have to blog about being stuck on the NS between Gouda and Rotterdam for five days, or something similar.

  7. Dave2 says:

    Fortunately, I had a beard when I first started drawing my toon avatar, so he’s always had one! On those rare occasions when I shaved it off or had a goatee, I changed my avatar to match.

  8. Sarah says:

    Does Mickey Mouse get older? Charlie Brown? Homer Simpson? No!
    Invader Stu’s cartoon persona doesn’t have a beard;-)

  9. dragonlady says:

    I think I agree with Sarah, leave the beard off the cartoon. It looks good in real life but not so good on the cartoon. I know I voted sometimes but I’m a woman , I’m allowed to change my mind.

  10. Anneke says:

    O_O Beards are cool! Also, you have a beard? Maybe it’s sentient, like the ticks mustache, and is going to take over the world? I vote yes! Show the beard, that we may identify it should it indeed kill you and take over the world.

  11. SarahAus says:

    I like without, perhaps just use one for some of the more devious posts? Alter ego Stu ;-)

  12. Keith says:

    It doesn’t really matter whether your cartoon chappie has a beard or not. Just putting a paper bag over his head would be a big improvement!

    I’ll just get my coat . . . . . . .

  13. Wezz6400 says:

    I don’t know, I think I like it either way. I know that’s probable the most useless answer I could possible give, but that’s the one I got for you…

    Anyway, I do think the beard cartoon needs a little work, if I may be so bald. Right now, to me he looks more like you and your accidental-prone nature got caught up in a very serious orange-juice incident. ;-)

    Also, I can’t believe you posted this just when I have a beard for the first time in weeks (had to shave for job interviews). What are the chances of that?

  14. French Bean says:

    I’m torn about this.

    Since I only know the Cartoon Stu, my gut inclination is to say “no” to him sporting a beard. Yet as you mentioned, the beard signifies a step towards maturity and thus reflects some changes in your personal life.

    Oh, dear.

    I’m going to say “sometimes.” Changes have to occur in gradual transitions (especially when it comes to cartooning). Maybe in a few more years, you could do an Invader Stu timeline about how much the character has changed! I can’t wait to see the day the cartoon will have a beer belly and streaks of gray hair.

    (Lame joke. I know.)

  15. julia says:

    The question shouldn’t be what we want but how you see yourself. Maybe by keeping cartoon Stu beardless all this time your subconcious is telling you that you should shave that nasty facial hair all off.

  16. tenakalaz says:

    Do it stu… the beard is all part of the invader that is stu… even in your clean shaving days the beard used to creep onto that chin of yours…..

  17. Yagathan says:

    Your character would be way too orange with a beard as well. Maybe the beard would be okay if your shirt was green or something :p

  18. Stew says:

    Totally agree with the alter ego Stu idea!

    It worked flawlessly in Knight Rider… ;-)

  19. jen says:

    Bearded Stu in the picture doesn’t seem to be a good example – looks like you had a ‘fail’ moment with some orange juice.. ;)

  20. says:

    I was thinking the cartoon beard appears to be a smear of orange paint, but I’ll go with jen’s ‘fail’ moment with some orange juice!

  21. Invader Stu says:

    Thank you everyone for the votes and the comments. I stayed out of the comments section during vote so I would not seem like a corrupt politician trying to sway your votes :p

    Stuart – You’ll be happy with the result then :)

    Lorelei – I’m in witness protection. I can’t :p

    Andrew – Well I don’t want to course you any un-needed stress :p

    Breigh – Look out for the next post ;)

    Alison – I’m just as indecisive. Why do you think I put it to a vote :p

    Jules – That will most likely happen one day.

    Dave2 – Do you send him to a cartoon barbers as well?

    Sarah – A very good point indeed. I’m sure Bart Simpson should be over 30 by now.

    Dragonlady – Plus I can’t say you are not allowed to change you mind because you still have the power to send me to my room.

    Anneke – It’s taken over my chin so it is only a matter of time until it takes over the world.

    SarahAus – As Star Trek has proven, people with beards are evil twins from another dimention so I can see the alter ego devious Stu idea working.

    Keith – First Alex and now me… tut tut :p

    French Bean – Interestingly you have just hit on the idea I’m going to work on for my ’10 years in Holland’ post later this year.

    Julia – My wife would never let me. She loves it :p

    Tenakalaz – It did sort of slowly invade my chin didn’t it. Before I knew it I had been taken over.

    Yagathan – A very good point. I guess I have to ditch the idea of giving him the fake orange tan as well :p

    Stew – I like the idea of an alter ego hero stu with some kind of talking transport :)

    Wezz6400 & Jen & Linda – Hehe. I love this idea. I often have had fail moments with my orange juice.

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