Short Break

Short Break

Invading Holland will be taking a short break due to deadlines and general busyness. I will return in about a week.

4 responses to “Short Break”

  1. kiks says:

    Does your cartoon alter ego intentionally look somehwat like Gregory House there?

    Anyway, sweets, don’t work too hard. It’ll be Monday soon. There will be Efteling and ice cream.

  2. Dragonlady says:

    Stuart, do you really eat grotesque but cute little elves with ice cream or do they serve the ice cream? Or have I missinterpreted the Efteling bit.

  3. sophie says:

    Have a great show tomorrow! and wish all that excess of work will be relieved soon :-)

  4. Anneke says:

    @ Kiks: He does!

    Stu: Looking forward to next week!

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