Invading Holland T-Shirts Available in Shops Now

Invading Holland T-Shirt

Exciting news! You can now walk into a physical shop and buy a physical Invading Holland T-Shirt for your physical body. During the month of March I’ll be taking part in what has become known as Loppisstores, rent your own table.

Loppis sales are a fairly recent phenomenon that started in the north of the country. It comes from the Scandinavian countries. They are special shops where you can rent a small areas (a stand or table) to sell your own stuff from. You can sell anything from self made clothes and decorations to second hand books, vinyl records and more. It’s perfect if you don’t want to wait for Kingsday each year to sell your own stuff.

There are two sales locations where I am selling the Invading Holland T-Shirts; Loppisstore in Heerenveen and MijnTafel in Sneek. If you are in the area (or fancy a visit to Friesland) be sure to check it out. The T-shirts cost 8,50 and are still available through the webshop as well.

Loppisstore 1
Loppisstore Heerenveen

Loppisstore 2
MijnTafel Sneek

I’m also trying to find a location in Amsterdam. If anyone is aware of one please let me know.

3 responses to “Invading Holland T-Shirts Available in Shops Now”

  1. Malcolm says:

    Wow, do these shirts have the royal cipher of the king of Frieland stitched over the heart ?

  2. Malcolm says:

    Awww………..I was hoping a T shirt emblazoned with the royal cypher would get me free entry into the Opel Museum at Tijnje :-(

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