In Hindsight…

It just occurred to me that it might not have been such a smart idea to give the name ‘Invading Holland’ to my blog about my life in The Netherlands. Since the country was once invaded by the Germans some Dutch people might take this the wrong way.

However, since most of the Dutch people at the office jokingly shout, “The Germans are back,” when ever they hear any kind of alarm go off I don’t think I really have much to worry about. Too late now anyway I guess.

“Will you stop talking about the war.”

“Well you started it.”

“No we didn’t”

“Yes you did. You invaded Poland.”

2 responses to “In Hindsight…”

  1. Rose says:

    Thank you. No more annoying bar. You need an invading header. LOL

  2. Stuart says:

    Your welcome. Thank you for pointing out the error in my template :)

    I’m going to try and improve the over all look over the coming day (but no more spacing changes. lol).

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