English Breakfast Radio

English Breakfast Radio

A little over a week ago I was invited to appear on the English Breakfast radio show in Amsterdam. It’s an English radio show (as the name implies) for English speaking expats living in the Netherlands. The show was a lot of fun and the extremely friendly radio presenters made me feel right at home. You can listen to the result right here.

It’s pretty long so I’ve slit it up into parts and provided links instead of embedded audio. Click and enjoy.

Part 1 – The Interview
I tell the listeners about what I had been doing the night before, what got me started with blogging and explain why I sometimes talk to myself in the street.

Part 2 – Silly Questions
I get asked a bunch of silly questions (their words not mine) by Jason and count in a sexy Dutch voice. Matt tells the listeners about circle parties and I talk about my first marriage which lasted less than 24 hours.

Part 3 – Random Stuff
Susi gets an idea regarding 24 hour marriages and we talk about bike theft and the evil genius (or not) behind it all.

Find out how to listen to more of their award winning show by visiting their website at: http://www.englishbreakfast.nl/
And in other news; check out what happened at this year’s Bitchsterdam

5 responses to “English Breakfast Radio”

  1. This is so much better than the morning radio shows I hear in Miami. :) Awesome!

  2. Terri says:

    That was really fun to listen to…thanks for the links!

  3. Dragonlady says:

    That was great, it sounded like three friends having a chat.I wish they had a show like that here.

  4. VallyP says:

    Stu, I never knew you’d been married before!! I mean, I always thought you were this nice innocent young Brit with no dirty murky background. I’m totally disillusioned now!! Seriously, though, that was great!

  5. Windmilltales says:

    Super! You had me laughing so much!!

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