Competition Time: Undutchables Party

Undutchables Party

It’s competition time. The nice people from Undutchable have given me two tickets to give away for their annual Eurovision party.

Not only will the party include a live viewing of the Eurovison Song Contest (already exciting in its own right) but there will also be live DJs, a Fairy Tale dress code, prizes and more. It’s all going to be held at Amsterdam’s St Olof Chapel on the 23rd of May.

To win all you have to do is answer this question:

“If you were writing your own song for the Dutch Eurovision Song Contest entry what would you call it and why?”

The most creative and funny answer will win the two tickets. Just leave your entry in the comments below (don’t forget to fill in your email). The competition is open until midnight on the 5th of May. The winner will be picked the following day and emailed the details about picking up their tickets.

If you’d like to guarantee yourself a place at the party you can already buy tickets from the Undutchable website. They are 20 euros each or free if you have worked through the agency before.

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UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Ashley.

4 responses to “Competition Time: Undutchables Party”

  1. Well, I am geographically unable to participate, but I’ll play.

    “The Land of Orange Giants” : because of the so many towering individuals that traipse the flat landscape, whenever I use the public restrooms in the Netherlands, I can only see the top of my head reflected in the mirrors as the rest of my face is cut off. :P

    (Come to think of it, this topic would make for a humorous ballad!)

  2. Ashley Howe says:

    I would call it: ‘Red tape, red tape, isn’t it great?’ Because I haven’t met a Dutch official yet who doesn’t love red tape. If there’s a way for them to get out of doing their job, they will use the red tape excuse. Ahh, the Netherlands!

  3. Ashley Howe says:

    Woopwoop! I haven’t seen an email with the details on how I get my tickets – have you sent it through yet?

  4. Liz says:

    This is a good example of how exited we Dutch people all are for Eurovision, we don’t even want to comment because we’re afraid we might win and have to watch all of it :)

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