Best European Blog 2014 – Runner Up

Being involved in the bloggies three years in a row has been brilliant. I get excited every year when I see Invading Holland has made it through to the final. It makes me very happy. I’m aware that admitting such a thing is very un-English of me but it is really hard to contain myself (even if it does risk perminate banishment from my home country).

It makes me feel very lucky to have such amazing and supportive readers who think I’m worthy enough of being a finalist in such a huge blog award. I’ve said it before but I mean it when I say this blog would not have become what it is today without you. I’ve been a winner of the Best European Blog Award once and now a runner up twice and each time it has been very exciting.

So thank you everyone who has supported Invading Holland over the years. Congratulations to the winner; Tallbloke’s Talkstop. And watch this space again next year when the 2015 Bloggies start.

4 responses to “Best European Blog 2014 – Runner Up”

  1. Marike says:

    o what a pity! you deserved it! next Year again ! Nice comment you wrote! xxxxxxxx

  2. I’ll definitely be watching for the Bloggies 2015. You totally deserved to have won this year as well!

  3. VallyP says:

    Glad you made it again, Stu. Runner up is almost as good as winning after all!

  4. Lita says:

    I voted! next year I will bring the many more supporters ;)

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