2011 Bloggies Nomination Round


It is time for the 2011 Bloggies. “What are the 2011 Bloggies?” some of you might ask. Well I’ll tell you. The 2011 Bloggies is the long running online award ceremony that highlights the best blogs of the previous year with in several categories. The nomination phase has just begun and runs until the 16th of January.

“Why are you telling us this?” you might also ask. Well, I would like to enter this blog into the competition and to do that I need your help. Please visit the Bloggies website and nominate Invading Holland for the Best European Blog category.

Eleventh Annual Weblog Awards: The 2011 Bloggies

If elected ruler of Europe I promise to rule with integrity, quickly get drunk with power and ultimately have to be over thrown but you will have my ever lasting thanks.

17 responses to “2011 Bloggies Nomination Round”

  1. Dave Hampton says:

    Done, with pleasure — good luck (and happy new year!)

  2. Breigh says:

    Wait, do I enter you under the nominations or do I have to wait for a voting period? I don’t see a vote button there anywhere. Yes, I am easily confused!

  3. Invader Stu says:

    Dave – Thank you and happy new year

    Breigh – Sorry. I meant nominate instead of vote and don’t worry, you are not the only person I have confused. There have been a few.

  4. Breigh says:

    Ok nominated :)

  5. Tiffany says:

    Hey I’m doing this too! I put down this blog as well :) You’re doing a much better job getting the word out than I am though! Good luck and Happy 2011!

  6. […] so, please nominate me. The more nominations, the better. I already know I’m up against some tough competition (whom you should also nominate), and likely won’t make it to final voting, but it can’t […]

  7. Invader Stu says:

    Breigh – Thanks

    Tiffany – I voted for nominated yours to.

  8. Jules says:

    LOL, don’t forget about me! Actually, I’d settle for a link on your page :-D

  9. Marjolein says:


  10. Keith says:

    Alex, if you nominate me I’ll nominate you and I promise never to insult you again.

    Well, not until next week anyway.

  11. dragonlady says:

    How do I find out the URL of the people I want to nominate?

  12. Invader_Stu says:

    Jules – That actually reminds me that I do have to update my side bar soon.

    Marjolein – Thanks :)

    Keith – Alex agrees.

    Dragonlady – The URL is the address in the browser address bar or the link to put it another way.

  13. Jules says:

    @ Stu: I have nominated your blog and two others which I dare not reveal lest I get pelted with virtual tomatoes here…but suffice it to say good luck! Your blog is awesome.

  14. French Bean says:

    Good luck to you as well, Stu! :-D

    (I sincerely hope you win best European blog *and* humorous blog!)

  15. zed says:

    I’ve nominated you – I’d love to get the Lifetime Achievement Award. I think I was nominated for it last year but a far newer blog got it. Oh well.

  16. Invader Stu says:

    Thank you Jules and French Bean

    Zed – Thanks. I’ll update my nominations to include you in the life time award

  17. Bart says:

    I would vote for you, but it would be lying, wouldn’t it? Because I have the best blog in Europe, innit?

    Well, I would have if I posted regularly. And if I posted anything vaguely interesting besides stories about my kids. And if I cleaned up my lay-out. And if I remember to post nice pictures and interesting links.

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