World Cup

Confessions of a Non Football Supporter

“COME ON!” I had spent the last ten minutes shouting similar words of frustration at the Dutch football team each time they had kicked the ball at the goal in front of them only to miss, have it blocked or bounce it off a goal post. “YOU’RE SO CLOSE!” I was not shouting these words at them directly of course. It wasn’t as if I was sitting next to the coach in the stadium (even […]

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You Know It’s Celebration Time In Holland When…

Dutch Celebration

It does not matter if it is Koningsdag, The world Cup, Carnival or any other event that involves national pride, when the Dutch celebrate they go all out. Celebration Time In Holland 1) The country’s economy gets a sudden boost from the sales of any product containing the colour orange. 2) All products that can be make orange, will be orange. 3) In addition, food that really should not be orange suddenly becomes orange anyway. […]

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The Trouble With Being An Expat Football Supporter In Holland

During any kind of sporting event that involves countries competing against each other it is inevitable that expats everywhere will be asked the same question. It does not matter which country they are from and which country they find themselves in, the question from the locals is always the same; “Which country are you supporting?” This may seem like a simple question at first with an equally simple answer; your own country (or another one […]

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