How I Survived My First 15 Years In The Netherlands

15 Years In The Netherlands Small

It’s hard to believe that this year marks two big anniversaries in my life as an expat here in the Netherlands. The first being the 10 year anniversary of this very blog (that took place in March) and the second being today; the 15 year anniversary of the day I first arrived in The Netherlands… I think it is finally time to admit that I live here now. It’s also funny to think how much […]

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Voting Card 2012

A lot of people have contacted me today regarding an error with their voting cards for today’s general elections here in the Netherlands. I wish to apologize deeply for this mistake and have made the correction to the voting list here: Thank you for your continued support. If you wish to know more about my policies and exciting ideas you can check my previous ‘press releases’ here: –New Leadership –Election Mix-Up

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Expat Supporters

During any kind of sporting event that involves countries competing against each other it is inevitable that expats everywhere will be asked the same question. It does not matter which country they are from and which country they find themselves in, the question from the locals is always the same; “Which country are you supporting?” This may seem like a simple question at first with an equally simple answer; your own country (or another one […]

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Emergency Alarm

On the first Monday of every month at noon the Dutch government likes to test the emergency alarm system in Amsterdam and the rest of the country. Wailing sirens can be heard every where through out the famous European city. I’m not sure what kind of disasters these alarms are supposed to warn the citizens of Amsterdam about but it occurred to me that if such a tragedy was to actually happen on the first […]

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