Dutch Language

Een Beetje Moeilijk

A few days ago I was sitting on the sofa with my (almost) three year old daughter Sophie as we watched one of her favourite children’s shows. It’s called ‘Chuggington – Medaille Race’ and features talking trains who try to do good deeds every day to earn badges. I’m not quite sure if it’s teaching her how to be a well adjusted adult or a train but time will tell. As the theme song started […]

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The Dutch Language Race

I am thirty five years old. I have been learning Dutch for the last fourteen years. During that time I have gone on courses, attended classes, filled out homework and taken exams. My daughter is two. She has been learning Dutch for two years (the first year mainly involved listening). She has not gone on any courses or attended any classes. She has never had to do any homework or take any exams either (unless […]

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De and Het: The Great Dutch Language Mystery

De and Het

Life is full of mysteries. Who are we? Why are we here? Did I leave the oven on? Great big mysteries that are difficult to solve and keep a lot of very intelligent people busy. However, there is a mystery that is bigger than any mystery ever pondered! Larger than any question ever asked! More infinite than any puzzle ever puzzled! Many people have attempted to solve this mystery and been driven insane by it. […]

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Learning Dutch From a Dutch Child

“Wat is dat?” asked my girlfriend’s three year old niece as she pointed to the image of a brightly coloured sheep. “Het is een schaap.” I informed her. We were sitting on the sofa of her parent’s place as she proudly showed me her new story book and inquisitively asked me the names of all the animals within. I’d been learning Dutch off and on a bit for a few years. I still wan’t great […]

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Accidental Confession

As someone who is learning to speak Dutch I have learned to accept that there will be times when my attempts to speak the language will not go quite as I had plan and that there are other times when it will ‘really’ not go as I had plan. One such example happened recently during a dinner party my girlfriend and I were hosting for two friends, Marjolein and Marije. During the dinner we spoke […]

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