Bike Riding In Holland

Cycle Like The Dutch – Navigating Amsterdam

Dutch Cycling Navigating Amsterdam

If Amsterdam was ever overrun by hostile forces, evil doers or ill wishers the inhabitants of the city would be able to rest easy in the knowledge that these invaders would not make much progress, quickly lose motivation, soon give up altogether and returned home in a very disgruntled mood. The reason for this cannot be attributed to any superior tactical advantage or any well designed fortifications that the city has. It is because of […]

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Cycle Like The Dutch – Pockets and Awkward Objects

Dutch Cycling Skills

No one can deny that the Dutch are skilled cyclists. It is a part of their everyday life so it is understandable that they are very good at it. It’s probably because of this that the Dutch are capable of displaying some every day cycling skills that seem completely insane to the rest of us. I’d like to talk about two of those crazy skills today. Cycling With Their Hands in Their Pockets Have you […]

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Cycle Like The Dutch – Giving a Lift

Cycle Like The Dutch

I am notorious for forgetting or losing my bike whenever I meet up with friends in Amsterdam. By now they all know that if we are going anywhere one of them will end up having to give me a lift on the back of their own bicycle. This means two things: 1) One of them is going to get a flat back tire. 2) One of them is going to look like they are in […]

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Cycle Like The Dutch – The Trouble With Bicycle Racks

Trouble With Bicycle Racks

There is something very undignified about losing a fight with a bicycle rack. Even if you do manage to win you still can’t walk away without feeling more than a little humiliated.The problem is that there are just so many bicycles in Amsterdam and so few bicycle racks to park them in. Bikes end up being forced in to them and tightly jammed together at all kinds of odd angles. And because it is often […]

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Cycle Like The Dutch – Bike Riding In Holland

Cycling In Holland

Fiets (bicycles) are a very common sight in Holland. They are a popular mode of transport and it is estimated that there are more then 16 million of them in the country. This number may or may not include the mangled, rusting, one-wheeled, non-roadworthy bicycles found chained to lamp posts, bridges or sunk at the bottom of the canals around the country. Even if it does there are still a lot of them in use […]

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