The Great Speculoos Mystery: Part 4

Speculoos White Choc Mystery

Case File #113d

My secret admirer mysterious speculoos supplier has struck again. I arrived at work one morning this week to discover another surprise gift on my desk. Last time it was a jar of Speculoos spread with a mysterious note asking, “What’s next?” This time I found out the answer to that question; a bar of white chocolate speculoos. The gifts are getting more extravagant.

White Chocolate Speculoos
Speculoos White Chocolate 1

Sadly there was no note with it this time, unless the message was to spice up my life. If that is the case I wonder if it is a proposal I should be slightly worried about (especially because of the image of the handcuffs).

I am still not closer to identifying the mysterious supplier of these generous gifts. One of my colleagues has claimed to know the identity of the person in question but he is not willing to say anything more. Since he is technically my boss I am not able to use interrogation to get the information out of him (not without it reflecting very badly on my next employee performance review at least).

My only hope is that my mysterious benefactor slips up at some point and gives away their identity. Until then I have a bar of white chocolate speculoos to enjoy.

Speculoos White Chocolate 2

One response to “The Great Speculoos Mystery: Part 4”

  1. Anne from Australia says:

    I have finally managed to buy some speculaas/speculoos …….. they are indeed addictive!!!

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