Speculoos Rehab Fail

Speculoos Ice Cream

Most of you already know about my unhealthy Speculoos/Speculaas addiction and about the many Speculoos products that I have tried. I’ve written about them so many times that I am in danger of becoming Holland’s leading expert and reviewer of Speculoos products. I’m honestly surprised that none of you have tried to hold an intervention to put a stop to it.

But I guess you didn’t have to. My addiction came to an end last year when I tried the terrible Febo’s Speculooskroket. It broke me. I couldn’t even finish it. It was so bad that I turned my back on all things Speculoos related. They were all forever tainted. Speculoos would have to do something pretty amazing to win me back.

Something like…

Ben & Jerry’s Speculoos Ice Cream

Well played Speculoos… well played.

As soon as I heard about Ben & Jerry’s Speculoos Ice Cream I knew that my time free of Speculoos’ control was over. There was no point trying to avoid what I knew to be true; I had to try it. It seems that I was not the only one to reach this conclusion either. The entire population of Holland has been feverishly buying the stuff too. It took me two weeks to find a shop where it was not completely sold out. I even had to enlist the help of other people in my search. It was my wife who eventually tracked it down and presented me with a tub. She might be regretting this now though because (a) I didn’t let her have any and (b) I am once again addicted to the amazing taste that is Speculoos. The trauma of the speculooskroket has been forgotten. Long live Speculoos

20 responses to “Speculoos Rehab Fail”

  1. Sandra says:

    <3 Ben & Jerry's!

  2. Gez says:

    Heh. What’s really going to throw you completely off the wagon:
    (SFW, unless it turns you into a drooling idiot.)

  3. Alison says:

    Oh wow. Speculoos ice cream? That sounds divine!

  4. It’s quite easy, eat…or attempt to…another kroket and it will put you off again!

    On another note I am dying to try this stuff but avoid the freezer isle!

  5. Rinda Scheltens says:

    The real danger of becomming a speculoos-expert? Manufacturers might find out and start sending you new products to try. What can they think of next?

  6. I have to try this! (It will never beat cookie dough, obviously, but worth a bash!)

  7. dragonlady says:

    I must start looking in Sainsburys. Mind you cornetto have just brought out a peanut butter cornetto and I can’t even find those.
    You introduced me to Speculoos some time ago and I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Then a few weeks ago I wanted something different to go on my crumpets and I found a jar of Speculoos in the cupboard, now I am hooked.

  8. No joke: a friend back in Miami makes her own ice creams. I suggested that she create a speculoos-based one and called it “Belgian Addiction.”

    It has become her most popular flavor. :P

  9. dragonlady says:

    Well Stu, I went to sainsburys yesterday and ,yes they had Speculoos ice cream and believe it or not the peanut butter corneto.Perfect.

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