Sinterklaas on Holiday

Sinterklaas Holiday
This cartoon first appeared in the November/December edition of DUTCH:The Magazine

4 responses to “Sinterklaas on Holiday”

  1. Should Sinterklaas ever retire, I would be more than happy to take over his job. He must have a great pension plan.

    • Stultum says:

      Good luck, because I think he must be a real workaholic, as he has had this job for over six-hundered years, which means that he could have retired fivehunderedthrityfive years ago.

      • Ah, but if he really had retired, then he wouldn’t still have this as his full-time profession.

        Unless…we consider the possibility that he really *did* retire nearly six centuries ago and his current gig is purely volunteer work.

        Well, regardless of the circumstances: I’m a patient girl. I can wait my turn.

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