Alternative Zwarte Piet Suggestions

Once a year during November Sinterklaas arrives in The Netherlands and brings with him his helpers the Zwarte Pieten. The black face paint of Zwarte Piet often causes a few raised eyebrows from those who are not familiar with the tradition. In recent years there has been a lot of debate about whether or not the look of Sinterklaas’ trusted helper should be changed. There have been a few attempts at creating alternative Zwarte Pieten; Blue Piet, White Piet and even Rainbow Piet. None have fully taken off yet but here are a few alternative Zwarte Piet whacky suggestions of my own which I think might help:

Alternative Zwarte Piet:

Alternative Zwarte Piet Braveheart

Alternative Zwarte Piet Darth Maul

Alternative Zwarte Piet Hulk

Alternative Zwarte Avatar

Alternative Zwarte Piet Simpson

Alternative Zwarte Piet Joker

Do you have any other alternative Zwarte Piet suggestions?

3 responses to “Alternative Zwarte Piet Suggestions”

  1. Anon says:


  2. William says:

    In the, “It could get worse,” department, I thought up two:

    Robert Downey Jr. Piet (look up his character in Pineapple Express)
    Al Jolson Piet
    Rachael Dolezal Piet (a Piet with no facepaint that claims the struggle of being a Piet)

    Some other better suggestions:

    MS Windows Piet (the logo(s) with the 4 colors, not the new monochrome ones.)
    American Football Fan Piet (I am partial to the Chicago Bears:
    Superhero Piet (so many superheros can be factpainted on, like the Hulk (which you have) and Spiderman, Iron Man, Etc.)

  3. Ann says:

    What about Frozen Piet (I understand there was a female Piet this year) Or my favourite would be Minion Piet. But I love the Springfield Piet.

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