Just The Facts

So you can get to know a bit more about me I have put together a list of random Stuart facts. However, to make things a little more interesting one of these facts is a lie. See if you can spot which one:

– I was born in 1978 in England.
– I don’t have any brothers or sisters.
– I don’t smoke.
– I drink socially but still sometimes too much.
– I’m right handed.
– I’m dyslexics.
– I can’t spell dyslexic with out the aid of a spell checker.
– I’m not a morning person.
– I get sun burn easily because I’m a red head.
– The cartoons on this site are all my own work (the ginger kid is me).
– I moved to Holland in the summer of 2001.
– I work for a computer games company in Amsterdam.
– Since moving to Holland I suffer from a lot less migraines then I used to.
– I love movies.
– Horror is my favorite genre.
– I really like movies with a clever twist at the end.
– Ghostbusters is still my favorite movie from my childhood.
– I hate l33t speak.
– I broke my ankle and walked around on it for eight hours with out realizing.
– I got stuck in the elevator in the office once after everyone else went home.
– I have operated a real bomb disposal robot.
– I worked in the theatre business as a designer.
– I’ve also worked as stage crew.
– I worked at the Millennium Dome before it closed.
– I accidentally got hit in the privates once while on stage during a live show.
– I played the clarinet at school because it got me out of sports lessons.
– I once went bungee jumping for a bet even though I did not want to do it.
– I think South Park is one of the greatest social commentaries on the world.
– I once had my eye lashes dyed to help someone who was in trouble.
– I’m very organized.
– I’ve been trained by a member of the magic circle.
– I love Chinese food.
– I’ve lost at strip poker… and I mean completely lost

11 responses to “Just The Facts”

  1. anon says:

    i think vaine should b vain … dont hurt me!

  2. JaG says:

    I have never played strip poker. I’ve never even played regular poker so I’m sure I’ll loose same way you did if I ever do play it.

  3. Invader Stu says:

    I guess you know the dyslexic fact is not the lie.

    Thanks for spotting the mistake. I’ve now fixed it.

  4. Rose DesRochers says:

    I’m guessing that it is the “I’ve never had a one night stand either.”

  5. Paul says:

    Hey Stu, great blog. I’m curious though … how did dying your eyelashes help a troubled friend?


  6. Invader Stu says:

    Sorry Rose you are wrong.

    The lie was: “I once went bungee jumping for a bet even though I did not want to do it.”

    I’m amazed no one questioned the bomb disposal robot fact.

  7. Invader Stu says:

    Thanks Paul.

    The dying eyelashes thing is a bit of a long (and strange) story. I’ll make it into a post very soon.

  8. sharlet says:

    I thought the lie was “I’m straight”. Hahahahaha! No, no, just kidding ok! ;D

    And you like Chinese food huh? You *must* visit Singapore sometime then.

    And it should be “exErcise”, not “exorcise”. :) It must be tough being dyslexic. How did you cope in school?

    Nice reading more about you though. :)

  9. Invader Stu says:

    Its can be frustrating being dyslexic but I try not to let it get in may way. I have to check things over a lot before posting and errors do still get through sometime but I don’t mind people pointing them out. In fact I am greatful because I can then do a quick edit. :p

    It was not easy at school. A teacher once told my parents I was dumb and would not get any where but I think I proved them wrong when I graduated top student of my college and had to give a speech at graduation. :)

  10. sharlet says:

    Now that’s it! :)

  11. Rose says:

    I’ve been trained by a member of the magic circle?

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