Quote Of The Week: Considering


Me: “Have you got any plans for the 19th? Your Dad is trying to arrange something.”

Me: “No, nothing at the moment. Why? What is he organizing?”

Mum: “I’m sworn to secrecy but we’re going to book tickets and it should give you another funny story for your blog.”

Me: “Considering that most of my funny blog entries involve me getting trapped in lifts, breaking bones or some other kind of physical injury, should I worry about what you have planned?”

12 responses to “Quote Of The Week: Considering”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to post a comment to say what a great blog! I saw the posts on the blog forum and thought I would take a peek and see what the fuss is about!

    I once spent 6 months working in Antwerp (belgium) so I can really emphasise with your experiences!

  2. ellen says:

    A punk rock concert with a mosh pit?

  3. Charlemagne Stavanger says:

    I’ll look forward to the 19th then ;)

  4. Keith says:

    Tickets for a bungee-jumping weekend?
    After you have done three succesful jumps you get a certificate, and the chance to do it WITHOUT the elastic! Cool!

  5. Rose says:

    I just wanted to say congrats on being blog of the week at blogger forum.

    I hope it brings you a few new readers. It did not bring me one new comment. :( LOL

    Ps: Yes, you should be very worried.

    Rose ( Google’s Blogger Blog*Star)

  6. Invader_Stu says:

    Anonymous – Thanks :)

    Ellen – My parents in a mosh pit…. that would be a strange sight

    Charlemagne Stavanger – If I’m not in hospital I’ll report what happens.

    Keith – Isn’t it the other way around :p

  7. DRagon lady says:

    Stuart, don’t you trust your Dad.
    The punk rock concert is closer than you think, not sure what a mosh pit is though.
    Barring really strange accidents you WILL be safe.

  8. marycub says:

    interesting. it could involve some sort of horribley embarrassing family get together? I always worry when my parents start to make secret plans.

  9. Bonestorm says:

    Wow, this better make an interesting and hilarious blog entry or *makes threatening neck breaking motion with his hands*. :p

  10. ChickyBabe says:

    Your parents must be so cool to provide you with blog content!

  11. Invader_Stu says:

    Rose – Thanks :) I didn’t even realize until I saw your comment

    Dragon lady – “Barring really strange accidents,” like all the other ones that have happened to me?:p

    Shruti – Thank you :) It’s always nice to know I can make people laugh

    Marycub – It would be strange if they had to book tickets to a family reunion… but profitable

  12. Invader_Stu says:

    Bonestorm – Eep! At least I still have time to flee the country before you find me.

    ChickyBabe – They are avid readers as well which means the ‘time I tried weed’ posts don’t always go down well :p

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