Static-Man To The Rescue

Either it’s something to do with the carpet in the office or I’m slowly developing mutant super powers. What ever it is I have started giving static electric shocks to everyone at the office. When I tapped a fellow designer on the shoulder the other day (because he had his headphones on and could not hear me trying to get his attention) I made him jump a mile. Not because I had simply caught him […]

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Pass The Dutchie On The Left Hand Side

How could I write a blog about life in Holland and not talk about drugs. Holland is well known for it’s coffee shops and semi blind eye on drug laws. It is also a popular belief that every Dutch person is constantly stoned, wears clogs, eats cheese, lives in a windmill and knows the price and proper etiquette when dealing with prostitutes in the Red Light District. However this is not true… sometimes they wear […]

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Head hurt. Beer bad.

Why is it that unplanned nights out always seem to lead to higher levels of drunkenness and more painful hang overs the next day? I had planned for a quite night in this Friday since I was going to be going to Club Rascal tonight. However, boozy destiny intervened in the form of an email that popped into my in-box towards the end of the day inviting everyone to a near by bar for birthday […]

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New Phone

I just bought myself a new phone. My old one was in bad shape. The number nine key on it was broken after I dropped it in a puddle. Since I was using a ‘pay as you go’ phone this meant things were difficult when ever I got a phone card with the number nine in it. They became even more difficult because the option to get someone to help me with adding credit to […]

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Bed & Breakfast Cheese McMuffin

You should get the taxi back with us.” Neil suggested. Na. It’s alright. I’ll still be able to get the night bus back… but thanks anyway.” I replied with a slight slur. There might have been a hic-up too. It was the big night out with my friends before I moved to Holland. The farewell night in London Town and I was drunk, very drunk but still convinced I had enough of my senses about […]

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