Cycle Like The Dutch – Pockets and Awkward Objects

Dutch Cycling Skills

No one can deny that the Dutch are skilled cyclists. It is a part of their everyday life so it is understandable that they are very good at it. It’s probably because of this that the Dutch are capable of displaying some every day cycling skills that seem completely insane to the rest of us. I’d like to talk about two of those crazy skills today. Cycling With Their Hands in Their Pockets Have you […]

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The Time I Was Almost Arrested By Dutch Police

Almost Arrested By Dutch Police

It took me by surprise when the police car suddenly pulled up alongside me. Two Dutch police officers quickly exited the vehicle with the determination of movie cops on their way to stop some nearby crime in progress. Looking around I didn’t see any bank robberies or shoot outs going on. The little Dutch village was quiet. When I looked back towards the two police officers I was slightly alarmed to see they were walking […]

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19 Strange Dutch Habits

If you’ve only just arrived in The Netherlands or been in the country for a while there are a lot of strange Dutch habits and traditions to discover. Here are just nineteen of the weird things the Dutch get up to. 1) Cycle everywhere without bike helmets Maybe it is cycling from a very early age that makes the Dutch very confident when it comes to getting about on two wheels. Not only are they […]

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Here In Holland Podcast Interview

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to take part in an interview for the Here In Holland podcast. It’s a new podcast that explores life in Holland through stories told by different expats from various walks of life. I’ve been listening to all the episodes and I can highly recommend it. It’s a great show and it’s a lot of fun to hear expat experiences both familiar and new. Some of […]

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My First Attempt At Dutch Lessons

When I first attempted to learn Dutch (back in 2001) I took up the offer of a free course from my employer. The Dutch lessons took place twice a week, an hour before work, in a meeting room in the office basement. The office itself was an old Dutch bank which added to the strange atmosphere. The lessons were given by an ex-school teacher named Hans. Hans had a very unique technique for teaching Dutch […]

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