Dutch New Year’s Celebration – Oliebollen and Explosions

Dutch New Year’s Celebration

Dutch New Year’s Celebration Grab an Oliebollen and some fireworks as we get ready to explore the unique madness of Dutch New Year’s Celebration (or as they call it; Oud en Nieuw). Fireworks Most countries celebrate New Year’s Eve by letting off a few fireworks. They might have a safely organised display of a few brightly coloured rockets. Parents might (responsibly) light the occasional sparkler with their children in the garden and everyone will agree […]

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A Story of Misheard Christmas Song Lyrics

Misheard Christmas Song Lyrics

My daughter has recently been getting into the festive spirit by singing the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Unfortunately she only knows the words to the first part of the song and she has decided to sing them in a constant loop. It’s very cute to hear her singing in English but after a while we started to wish she would move on to some other song in the wide variety of Christmas […]

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The Pieten Games

Pieten Games

“What are the Pieten Games?” I asked my wife while looking in confusion at the school letter my daughter had just handed me. “It’s a morning where the children take part in different Sinterklaas games and activities,” she replied. “They probably want you to look after a small group of the children and guide them around.” “Me?” “Yes. You.” “Oh… this is not going to end well.” The conversation was the result of one of […]

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Why I Love Sinterklaas

Why I Love Sinterklaas

When I first arrived in The Netherlands I had no idea who Sinterklaas was. I didn’t even know he existed. My first November/December in the country was deeply confusing for that reason. During the years that followed I learned a little bit more about the tradition but I largely ignored it. I observed it as an outsider, not fully understanding it or having a reason to celebrate it. Then I met a Dutch girl, we […]

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