Drunk Photos of Amsterdam

Yesterday was the last day of the current design department lead (my boss). I’ve seen a few come and go but we all really got along with this one so it was sad to see him go. As is tradition we all took him down to the pub in Amsterdam to drink heavily and say goodbye. Nights out with work friends are always interesting, especially if one is leaving. Conversations always inevitably turn to work […]

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Holland vs. The Netherlands

Since living in Holland I’ve had a surprising amount of conversations with people that did not realize The Netherlands and Holland are names for one and the same country. Obviously these are not conversations I have been having with Dutch people. They seem to have caught onto this fact due to insider knowledge. I’ve been told the reason for the two names is much like the way England is referred to as Great Britain and/or […]

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Insomniac TV

Its late and I seem to be suffering from a small amount of insomnia again for the third night in a row. This means I have been spending the time I should be sleeping surfing from site to site on the Internet and flicking from channel to channel on the TV in search of entertainment which will hopefully help my brain switch off. I have quite a few channels to choose from when wearing out […]

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Old Timer

The company I work for has a great way of solving problems sometimes. Problem: Employees bring crates of beer into the office at the end of every Friday and all the rooms end up becoming a mess of empty beer bottles and full ash trays (plus there was the time we cellotaped one of the designers to his chair). Solution: Buy lots and lots of beer on Friday for the employees but only allow them […]

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Chance Encounters

It was a cold winters night in Amsterdam just a few weeks ago. She looked at me and smiled. I returned her smile and looked away shyly, not sure what to say or do. The first flakes of white snow started to fall as we walked side by side. I had only just met her 15 minutes before but I already felt like I knew so much about her. She looked into my eyes, told […]

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