The Experiment


It is possible that I am the unwitting participant in some sort of social studies experiment. What the aim of this experiment is I can not say but I definitely know I drew the short straw.

Recently my flat mate started a new job in an office much like my own. We both do a lot of work with computers and both work similar office hours. However, there is one major difference between the two jobs, a difference he likes to keep on reminding me about. I work in an office mostly inhabited by men but my flat mate is now working in an office almost exclusively populated by women.

It’s as if we have both been placed in very different controlled test environments while someone in a white coat with a clip board and a mustache watches via hidden cameras and takes note on how we react to our different situations.

Step 1) Place computer nerd 1 (Subject Alpha) in an office populated with men.

Step 2) Place computer nerd 2 (Subject Beta) in an office populated with women.

Step 3) Observe and document results.

Unfortunately for me programmers with long hair are not a substitute for female co-workers, the stubble completely destroys the illusion and the idea of them in a low cut top is truly the stuff of nightmares.

However, my flat mate has not won in every aspect. There are some negative aspects to being a man in an office full of women. There is no one in his office that he can debate with about who was the better captain, Picard or Kirk.

50 responses to “The Experiment”

  1. roxanne says:

    It’s obvious that you definitely have one up on him by your last statement.

  2. marycub says:

    ha ha ha oh dear. Neither of you seem to be in the best situ. The grass is always greener etc? :-)

  3. ChickyBabe says:

    Picard of course! Kirk was just eye candy in his younger days.

  4. Jodie says:

    Take heart Stu… just wait until Tenakalaz experiences the monthly PMS mood swings and inter-departmental bitchfights :) contrary to popular belief it does not involve the girls stripping to their panties and hitting each others with pillows that easily rip apart into showers of light fluffy feathers.

  5. vallyP says:

    Stu and Tenakalez, Jodie can burst all your bubbles and more ;-) – she’s good at that….. but especially the one that says girls can’t discuss Picard vs Kirk. She is a Trekkie of note… as is her sister….as, it appears is Chickybabe…as for me, well…okay, I don’t qualify anymore but I used to …and I can tell my Kirks from my Picards too…lol

    By the way, can DEFINITELY be arranged…he he

  6. Jodie says:

    Stu: *evil grin*

    Well, the real truth about Santa is…
    Nah, I’ll leave that for another day.

    Tenakalaz: Sorry, the wet t-shirt competitions were removed from the allowed-office-functions list in the mid-nineties when Xerox complained about the abuse their copiers were getting at office christmas parties

    VallyP: The only Trekkie series of note was the one with Captain Picard. This new yobo on Enterprise doesn’t please me at all, so you’re not missing much.

  7. tenakalaz says:

    I still think I am better off, whilst we both get to admire the full Bosom of our co-workers, mine are on the gender that they belong too.

    As for the star trek question, I don’t need to debate that. Its Picard, he was a better captain, with significantly fewer dramatic pauses between lines and quite a few less ripped shirt scenarios.

    Anyway, it is probably all to do with Tachyons and shield frequencies, so what does it matter.

  8. Invader_Stu says:

    Roxanne – Yes. I can talk about sci-fi and all manner of geeky male things with out fear…. but still….

    Marycub – That’s what I keep on telling myself.

    Tenakalaz – Please don’t make me visualize bosoms on (male) programmers *shudders*

  9. tenakalaz says:

    I don’t know, an overweight programmer in a boob tube, would probably make sure everyone kept their eyes on their monitors and NEVER looked up till they had to leave :)

  10. Invader_Stu says:

    Argh, I need a red hot poker to burn that image out of my brain. Dam you.

  11. Invader_Stu says:

    ChickyBabe – What about the other captains?

    Jodie – You might as well have just told me Santa is not real :p

  12. tenakalaz says:

    Jodie – thats it I am quitting today!!!

    I specifically stated in my contract, semi and fully naked pillow fights at least once a week.

    with a bi weekly wet t-shirt competition. You will be telling me that this is not politically correct next.

    how many more dreams are you going to BursT ?

  13. marycub says:

    it seems u have trekkie type stalkers!!

  14. Invader_Stu says:

    Tenakalaz – you don’t want to see what is in my contract *shudder*

    VallyP – Now you are scaring me :p

  15. Rose DesRochers says:

    Stu just wait until the gals in the office invite him out to lunch and they are talking about tampons, how comfortable will he be then. :)

  16. Latina says:

    Right then Stu-I’m ready to swap jobs

  17. Invader_Stu says:

    Jodie – Are you trying to make me cry :p

    Marycub – As long as they are all female I don’t mind :)

  18. marycub says:

    Trekkie type stalkers are NEVER good!

  19. Keith says:

    “There are some negative aspects to being a man in an office full of women” You gotta be joking! I can think of a few positive aspects, but I can’t list them here otherwise we would both be taken out and shot.

  20. Dragonlady says:

    What about captain Janeway. One for the boys?

  21. neil says:

    Very witty,

  22. Invader_Stu says:

    Rose – You have to take the good with the bad :p

    Latina – With me or him?

    Keith – I’m not saying anything

    Dragonlady – Her and 7of9

  23. Rose says:

    I just wanted to let you know, you are listed as top commenter on my blog. By the way, could you email me?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Picard. You need to be around more females so you can understand that some of them know more about Star Trek than you.

  25. Andy says:

    These expermients are very useful for decision making. Outcomes tend to vary, but nonetheless, learning follows the proper choices.

    Unless they are unpleasant. Then, nothing to do about lost time.

    Best from the West,


  26. Andy says:

    Oh, don’t mind me Invader_Stu… I just get the experiment-subject feeling once in a long while. And I do hate the white trenchcoat types.

  27. Invader_Stu says:

    Rose – I didn’t realize I commented that much.

    Anonymous – All the girls I know are Star Wars fans :p

    Andy – You sound like one of the guys in white coats. Are you watching us at the moment?

  28. Latina says:

    happy to swap with you of course!

  29. Rose says:

    You don’t, but more than most. I don’t have the fan club you do. lol

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