Drunk Cat Secretively Drinking Beer

Drunk Cat Secretively Drinking Beer

For the past few weeks Bontje the house cat has been acting very strange (or maybe I should say stranger then usual). Neither my flat mate or myself could figure out why the small feline had suddenly started sleeping in random places around the house which she usually seemed to avoid (kitchen counters, top of the TV, etc) or why she had started displaying extreme mood swings. She was being so overly affectionate at times that it was starting to get a little disturbingly uncomfortable (like being hit on by your sister) to suddenly incredibly grumpy for little reason. Then there was the fact that she had become less agile and more clumsy. We could not work out what had coursed this sudden change in her behaviour. We thought maybe it was the weather, maybe she was feeling a little frisky or maybe it was something a bit more worryingly medical.

However, my flat mate recently discovered the reason for the kitty’s strange behaviour when he walked into the kitchen early one morning. He found Bontje in the kitchen, our kitchen which is often quite messy, our kitchen which often contains a crate of beer, a crate of beer which Bontje was displaying a lot of interest in.

It turned out that she had been licking the tops of the open beer bottles like an inebriated scavenger after closing time on a Friday night in London. Yes, Bontje is a raging alcoholic cat who had spent the past few weeks stumbling around the house in a state of constant intoxication with out either of us even realizing. She had hidden her dirty little secret well… until now.

There was only one thing we could do. We held a kitty intervention. The first thing that had to be done was to place the beer crate safely outside where the alcoholic feline could not reach her supply. The next step in her recovery was to confront her and get her to admit that she had a problem. We tried to explain that she was not only hurting herself but she was also hurting those who cared about her and loved her.

She meowed at us a few times which could have been angry denial or regretful acceptance, it was hard to tell which because of the drunken slurring (and the fact that she is a cat). Eventually she stumbled over to the sofa to sleep off the last of the alcohol.

So far our two step kitty sobriety program seems to have worked and her behaviour has returned to how it was normally before she started hitting the bottle. We’re still watching her closely to make sure she does not fall off the wagon again. In just a few days she will have earned her ‘six days sober’ badge if she sticks with our program.

Drunk Cat 2

13 responses to “Drunk Cat Secretively Drinking Beer”

  1. Bemused says:

    So pussy gets pissed and ends up making a fool of herself on the internet. What next? Her own MySpace?! :P

    (OK… I’m going to hell for that!!)

  2. kiks says:

    I *knew* it wasn’t lupus!!!!

  3. Invader Stu says:

    Bemused – Bontje does have her own Facebook page.

    Kiks – It’s never lupus but it could have been a Vicodin addiction.

  4. Tenakalaz says:

    If I catch her near my weed I am kicking her out…….

  5. Blue says:

    LOL what a great story.

  6. zed says:

    it reminds me of the time when i simply couldn’t understand why my twin daughters could not crawl in a straight line and kept falling over …. i found about 20 empty wine bottles across the kitchen floor where they had been drinking the dregs – ewwwww.

    i’m a great mum.

  7. Ana Luisa says:

    My dog once opened a bag of popcorns and ate half the content before moving to desert: she ate two candy bars (after tearing off the wrapping paper, of course); but a drunken cat is definetely a first.

  8. Invader Stu says:

    Tenakalaz – We should talk to her about the glue sniffing as well

    Blue – Thanks

    Zed – lol. You do start them at an early age

    Ana Luisa – Your dog must have had a real sugar rush

  9. Ana Luisa says:

    Actually, she was sick for 3 days but most importantly, I have a REALLY stupid cousin who left that stuff on his bed, right where she could get it.

  10. Dragon Lady says:

    Shame on you and Dave, leading a poor innocent cat astray like that..

  11. JaG says:

    Is it bad that I now want to know what my cats would be like drunk?

  12. sophie says:

    haha!! well… uhm… do you know that of pets normally look like or are similar to their owners…..? hahaha, joking, joking :-p
    btw, your kitty face is so incredibly beautiful!

  13. Invader Stu says:

    Ana Luisa – Poor Dog

    Dragon Lady – She’s not as innocent as she looks

    JaG – It is amusing in some ways

    sophie – If you say my kitty’s face is incredibly beautiful I will take it as a complement that you just said pets normally look like their owners :)

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