Static-Man To The Rescue

Either it’s something to do with the carpet in the office or I’m slowly developing mutant super powers. What ever it is I have started giving static electric shocks to everyone at the office.

When I tapped a fellow designer on the shoulder the other day (because he had his headphones on and could not hear me trying to get his attention) I made him jump a mile. Not because I had simply caught him by surprise but because of the sudden and powerful static electric shock I had given him while doing so. Forget about difibulater. If anyone has a heart attack in the office I might just be able to bring them back with a touch of my finger.

I also managed to give a shock to one of the checkout girls at the near by supermarket when paying for my lunch. I think I missed a good opportunity for a chat up line there. “Did you feel that spark between us?”

If I could only find a way to harness this power at home I might be able to make my electric bills cheaper.

2 responses to “Static-Man To The Rescue”

  1. zed says:

    i’m forever doing that – especially when wearing my sheepskin jacket. i’m surprised that my hair isn’t standing up on end by now.

  2. Invader Stu says:

    I’m glade it has not happened to me otherwise I would look like a red head Don King

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