New Phone

I just bought myself a new phone. My old one was in bad shape. The number nine key on it was broken after I dropped it in a puddle. Since I was using a ‘pay as you go’ phone this meant things were difficult when ever I got a phone card with the number nine in it. They became even more difficult because the option to get someone to help me with adding credit to my phone was also on the number nine when using the automated phone line. After a few days of shouting ‘I can’t press nine’ at my phone I went out and got the new one I have now. This might not sound like blog worthy news but I decided to get a phone with a contract instead for the first time….. a two year contract in fact.

I now realize that this means I have signed up for two more years of living in Holland. Since I have only just started this blog about my life in the country this is most likely a good thing. I have no plans to leave Holland any time soon anyway but realizing I have signed a bit of paper stating so just feels a little strange. But anyway…… at least looking at my new shiny phone can distract me from this.

Owwww…… shiny.

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