Need Sleep

Need Sleep

I am not a morning person. I never have been and I probably never will be. I usually stumble out of bed looking like an extra from a zombie movie as I search for the shower (instead of brains). This would not be so much of a problem if it was not for the other thing I have never been; a coffee person. Because of this my main method of communication during the first few hours of the day is a mix of grunting and yawning, usually in reply to conversations that I am not awake enough to understand in the first place.

I have not helped matters recently by ignoring the suggested cure for tiredness, sleep. Over the last few nights (few meaning weeks) I’ve tried to maximize my waking hours (waking meaning computer gaming) by staying awake longer into the early hours of the morning. However, this has backfired on me and it is now harder to stay awake during the traditional time for being conscious, the day. Even as I type this I am finding it hard to control my yawning and resist the pillow like invitingness of my keyboard. In fact, am I typing this or only dreaming of typing?

I have diagnosed the symptom of my stubbiness when it comes to bed time as Bachelor-itus or (as it is better known by its more common name) Single-male-itus. Insomnia fueled computer game playing is not the only side effect of this condition.

Other known symptoms include:

  • A growing cultivation of beer in the fridge
  • An increase in the kitchen curry paste count
  • An out brake of the interior design method known as ‘guy’s place’
  • The inability to be in a room with out a computer or games console without feeling weak
  • (At this point in typing I had to stop and take a nap)

    For a long time a girl-friend or wife was believed to be the cure for this condition but recent research has uncovered that this only treats some of the symptoms and not the course. This condition can still be controlled but if it goes un-checked it can develop into the rather more serous Mid-life-crises-itus. If this should occur the surgeon general strongly advises against the use of so called ‘alternative treatment’ such as buying a sports car or motorbike.

    I have a long way to go before I reach this stage but I still need to sort out my slumber pattern before the sleep deprivation hallucinations start to set in or my blog entries become a collection of random letters as I pass out on the keyboard. If only I could use the computer while sleeping.

    Anyone want to read me a bed time story?

    17 responses to “Need Sleep”

    1. Liz says:

      Okay- I didn’t give you this advice, capiche?

      This program has kept my love of WOW alive, and allows me to level my beloved Tauren druid while I catch my much-needed ZZZs so I can keep up with my 2.5 year old.

      But, you didn’t hear it from me. ;-)

    2. BlondebutBright says:

      Sounds like it’s time to put away the computer games. :) How about meditation? Now I sound like my mom. But sometimes it really works!

    3. ChickyBabe says:

      Wake up Stu! This is a bad dream… you’ve been asleep for days!

    4. Invader_Stu says:

      Liz – Naught :p

      BlondebutBright – But mommmmm. I don’t wanna. *sulk* :p

      ChickyBabe – ZZzz. Hu?! What?! I don’t remember writing this post.

    5. Charlemagne Stavanger says:

      Hey stu, just wanna say we have all being in that place…It will *eventually* go away :)

    6. ellen says:

      OMG, I think I’m turning into a bachelor.

    7. Bonestorm says:

      I think this goes hand in hand with playing WoW. “Just one more quest before I go to bed…”

    8. Nathalia Grün says:

      i love sleep. in the night im so tired.

      ;) good blog!

      =**kisses for you!

    9. Invader_Stu says:

      Charlemagne Stavanger – Being a bacheloror the sleep deprivation hallucinations?

      Ellen – Have you bought any computer game playing paraphernalia lately? If you have its already too late.

      Bonestorm – It’s also know as the Civilization 4 syndrome. “Just one more turn…”

      Nathalia Grün – Thank you. I love my bed too.

    10. marycub says:

      Hurray i’m alive on the net, after 4 weeks of waiting i rejoined the internet community about 10 minutes ago no thanks to tiscali!


      how the devil are you?
      m x

    11. Charlemagne Stavanger says:

      “Being a bacheloror the sleep deprivation hallucinations?”

      I meant video sleep deprivations caused by game addiction. But now I think about it *hopefully*(as I’m not really experience on the other) both

    12. Tina Dealy says:

      Stu- get some sleep, chicks will not dig the bags under your eyes! Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to game-aholic,,,,,go to sleep, go to sleep, your thumgs are probably sore anyway, laa laa laa

    13. Tina Dealy says:

      Stu- forgot to tell you that my husband and I visited THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS two weeks ago. We found a school for the kids, an area to live,,(I guess) and we learned to use the tram, buses, metro etc. So now we will just hope that our home in the US sells before we leave, we will move right after Christmas. If you singleness continues, I suppose when I start teaching aerobics, I will look for you a lady…maybe have you over for dinner. It could be like a reality show! haa haa Take care, and again sleep!

    14. Panda says:

      Step away from the computer….:)

    15. roxanne says:

      Is that a Ghostbusters poster hanging on the wall?

    16. Invader_Stu says:

      marycub – Hi. Good to see you again. Welcome back. I’m fine. How are you?

      Charlemagne Stavanger – Neither am I luckily

      Tina Dealy – Glad to hear everything went well. I’ll try my best to lose the bags under my eyes before you start lady hunting for me :p

      Panda – But it calls to me :p

    17. Invader_Stu says:

      Roxanne – Yes it is :) The best movie of all time :p

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