Mega Mindy – A Conversation With My Daughter

If you have small children in The Netherlands (or Belgium) you have probably encountered Mega Mindy at some point. She is a brightly dressed Dutch/Flemish super hero who catches naughty people and entertains children on television. My daughter has become obsessed with her in recent months. This means I’ve been exposed to a lot of the show. I now have the theme song permanently stuck in my head (for all time).

Like most super heroes Mega Mindy has a secret identity. She is really Mieke, a mild mannered young police officer who lives with her grandparents (her inventor grandfather is responsible for her super powers). Her boss is not the brightest person and messes up any police investigation he gets involved in (which is all of them). This often forces Mieke to transform into Mega Mindy to deal with the serious crimes that regularly happen around the town (the sweet shop being robbed; someone’s suit case being stolen, etc).

Mega Mindy – Responsibilities of a Super Hero

The fact that Mieke has to rely on her abilities as a super hero rather than following correct police procedure could be considered a social commentary on the limitations of the police force in the face of ever escalating criminal activity and a over bearing justice system. However, when I asked my four year old daughter her opinion on this she just stared at me blankly.

Ok. Maybe that conversation didn’t really happen but her obsession with Mega Mindy did lead to this recent conversation.

(In deep thought between bites of her breakfast)
“Mama. Waarom moet Mega Mindy elke boef vangen?”
Translation: “Why does Mega Mindy have to catch every criminal?”

(Quickly interrupting)
“Because with great power comes great responsibility.”

(Putting her head in her hands)

Personally I’d love to see Mega Mindy in the next Marvel movie team up alongside Iron Man and Spider Man.

6 responses to “Mega Mindy – A Conversation With My Daughter”

  1. vallypee says:

    How very topical, Stu. Perhaps Mega Mindy can widen her scope and spread her cape to take in and teach some others with great power some great responsibility :)

    • Stuart says:

      At the moment I’m just trying to teach her that someone (Daddy) is not a criminal just because she says so and thus must be put in jail (on the sofa).

  2. CaptainKirt says:

    Every police force should get a super hero.

  3. Niki says:

    Haha! My husband would have said exactly the same.

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