Horrors of Holland #1

Horrors of Holland

Dear reader

Welcome to Horrors of Holland. The story you are about to read is not for the faint hearted or weak of stomach. In fact, if you value your sanity at all you would be wise to stop reading these words before it is too late… If you are foolish enough to continue reading you have been warned…

Never before has such a story been told. To read a single word of it is to invite madness. It has given the bravest and manliest of men nightmares. It has reduced the strongest of minds to quivering wrecks and it has made things that go bump in the night cry out for their mummies! It is a story of true horror. Turn back now and read no further!

Still here? Have my warnings done nothing to scare you away? You must really want to know the horrors of my story. Very well… If that is the case, come closer and I will tell you…

The other night I accidentally ordered fries with pindasaus… and it did not taste as bad as I remember.

I do not know how to live with myself any more.

25 responses to “Horrors of Holland #1”

  1. Martijn says:

    You know that this is just a gateway drug to Patatje Oorlog, right?

  2. Anne-Mette says:

    Oh Stuart /soothe.

    I am a Danish woman living in NL on my 2nd year and something similar happened to me with kip sate. Last time I had it the pindasaus was already on the stokjes (I normally really like the spits without the sauce) and I kind of didn’t really dislike it as much as normal…

    Should we make a club?

    • Invader_Stu says:

      I think we should. The first time I ever encountered kip sate was at a party. I thought kip-on-a-stick looked tasty… then I tasted the kip sate.

  3. Casper says:

    It does not work for everyone, even after 13 years, I still find pindasaus horrible.

  4. amsterdamian says:

    I love pindasaus! Even with fries (I know, I know… the horror!) :D Maybe this is the beginning of a new culinary love for you.

  5. eyeandpen says:

    I was thinking it was something far worse! Fries are yummy!

  6. Marijke says:

    Patatje oorlog! Did you have it with mayo and onions?

  7. I’ll have to make a note to never make the mistake of ordering Pataje oorlog/pindasaus (I’m allergic to peanuts).

    Also: fries with peanut sauce? I’ve heard of frying potatoes in peanut oil, but to serve the fries *in* a peanut sauce is something even Americans haven’t thought of doing. Keep in mind, we don’t even bat an eye at cheese-in-a-can/Cheezwhiz or pumpkin pie. :P

  8. Diederik says:

    Sambal bij?

    Actually sambal and peanut go quite well together, but be carefull. You might join the Dutch legion who put sambal on everything. In that case consider yourself fully integrated.

    deep-fried marsbar still seems horrible to me…

  9. Peanut sauce? Goodness, these Dutch will try anything, won’t they?

    Still, it could have been a deep-fried Mars bar, so perhaps it’s not that bad.

  10. dragon lady says:

    What is pindasaus? Should I try it next time we’re over?

  11. dragon lady says:

    Er no?

  12. The Emigrant says:

    there are worst things to eat in Holland. What about Haring? the not so tasty raw fish with onions on top?

  13. suus says:

    Not so tasty? How about the most wonderful fish ever? Haring on a bun.. raw onion.. Tiny amount of pickle. *drools* As for pindasaus, I am afraid everyone around me loves it. The allergic people included. I just like a drop on my kipsate. I have taste, you know. *shoves hair from the neck to show obvious superiority*

  14. dragon lady says:

    I finally got to try peanut sauce and I love it. Good job we don’t have it in England, it must be very fattening

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