Bad Hangover. Head Hurt. Beer Bad.

Why is it that unplanned nights out always seem to lead to higher levels of drunkenness and more painful hang overs the next day? I had planned for a quite night in this Friday since I was going to be going to Club Rascal tonight. However, boozy destiny intervened in the form of an email that popped into my in-box towards the end of the day inviting everyone to a near by bar for birthday drinks.

It was a nice bar with a good atmosphere and friendly staff. When one of my friends asked if he was allowed to smoke weed he was told yes as long as he shared it. That’s how a group of us ended up standing in the kitchen sharing a joint with the bar staff (I’m not a smoker myself but I’ll talk about that more later). More beer was drunk and things get very vague around the time we left to go to the Absinthe Bar. After that things pretty much became a blank until I woke up this morning.

One of my friends who has tried quite a few drugs in his past told me that no come down hurts as much as a bad hangover. Right now I think he must be right. This morning my head felt like some one took a baseball bat to it while I was asleep. I actually used the words, “Please make the hurty pain stop.” when having a conversation with someone. I’m still not feeling a 100% right now and its been a very slow day of trying not to think more than is absolutely needed because it hurt.

So much for a quite Friday night.

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