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I have been looking back over the last 16 months and reflecting on a choice I made. It was a choice which set me on the path I am on and now it has lead me to a new, much harder decision. Its something I have had to think about a lot. It will not be easy. There are going to be repercussions. It is going to be a heavy blow for man kind. It is the kind of decision which will strike fear into the hearts of mortal men and women, shake the very foundation of our society and cast a black cloud over our future… I’m going to cut my hair.

About 16 months ago I started to grow my hair after a few people suggested long hair might suit me. I’d had short hair all my life and trying something different seemed like a good idea. I’d already spent a little time with a beard just to try it out but had ended up shaving it off. Now that I think about it at the time I might have been trying to change my image through hair. I don’t know what this new image might have become. Maybe a ginger Wookie.

However after having got my hair down to almost shoulder length I have decided I want to go back to short hair. I plan to get an appointment some where that can give me advice on what would look good (hopefully they will not say long hair) and cut it. In a way I’ll miss having long hair, the joys of combing out tangles, unplugging blocked sinks and trying to keep it under control and out of my eyes…

Someone pass me some scissors.

Long Hair

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