Drunk Photos of Amsterdam

Yesterday was the last day of the current design department lead (my boss). I’ve seen a few come and go but we all really got along with this one so it was sad to see him go. As is tradition we all took him down to the pub in Amsterdam to drink heavily and say goodbye.

Drunk Photos of Amsterdam 1

Nights out with work friends are always interesting, especially if one is leaving. Conversations always inevitably turn to work no matter how hard we try to avoid it. I believe this can sometimes be a very a good thing. On occasion issues get resolved when people are more willing to speak their mind because they have had a bit to drink. However it can also go the other way and make things worse. Luckily in my experience this has not happened yet and drunk talk about work usually leads to interesting new ideas or appreciated complements both given and taken.

Drunk Photos of Amsterdam 2

Last night I didn’t really want to stay too late because I was feeling tired and it had been a hard week (plus I did not want a heavy hang over the next day). I craved the comfort of my sofa. However every time the bottom of my glass was in sight I was quickly offered another fuller glass. Maybe its the polite Englishman in me or the English love of beer but I could not turn down the offers. Eventually I managed to resist the call of beer, say goodbye and left before the point of no return.

Drunk Photos of Amsterdam 3

However, I was obviously more drunk then I thought. As I walked towards the train station my intoxicated brain realized I had not yet used the camera on my new phone. So I decide it was a good time to try it out and proceeded to take random photos of stuff as I progressed (possibly with a slight stumble) down the street. Points of interest along my route included the rather phallic National Memorial statue, the building site that is Amsterdam Central Station and random shots of the main street. Maybe I have discovered a new form of art but I some how doubt it. If an art gallery does show interest in my post modern drunk phone photos I’ll have to dedicate them to my old boss. I wish him good luck in the future.

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