Pre-Queens Day

Queens Day

Koninginnedag (Queens Day) is almost upon Holland once again.

No, this does not mean myself and my fellow men all over Holland will be getting out our dresses and applying enough make-up to pass for Mardi Gra dancers. It is in fact the birthday of the Dutch Queen (Royalty not drag). It’s a national holiday and the whole country joins in on the festivities. Amsterdam becomes one big party with beer tents, food stands, market stalls and live music performances every where. You will never see Amsterdam more crowded on any other day and you will also never see so many people wearing orange. Since it is the national color it is every where at the moment. I even had a special Koninginnedag donut with orange icing today.

Koninginnedag would normally be on the 30th but when it falls on a Sunday (like this year) the powers that be move it to the Saturday. This is probably to avoid the productivity of the country taking a sharp nose dive on the Monday when everyone is far to hung over to work. It also avoids people telling their bosses to blame the Queen when they phone in ill.

This weekend is also the last weekend my current flat mate will be in the country which give us both another reason to go out on the town. Once my head and liver have recovered I will report on the days festivities.

5 responses to “Pre-Queens Day”

  1. sharlet says:

    If it falls on a Sunday here, the holiday gets moved to a Monday. So we actually gain a day! It’s no good if it gets moved to a Saturday, because Saturdays are usually half days! We “lose out” then! ;D

  2. marycub's sis says:

    ooh i miss that i liked the fairs in Den Haag they were great but orange never suited me

  3. Invader Stu says:

    Sharlet – I think all countries should have a three day weekend…. paid of course :p

    Marycub’s Sis – Are the Queens Days in Den Haag like the ones in Amsterdam? I heard they have a big party on Queens Night.

  4. marycub's sis says:

    you probs speak of the truth but i was def too young to go and party, hence my fixation with fairs

  5. Rose says:

    I so missed this. Ok, so your not gay. :) LOL

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