Happy 2008

5 responses to “Happy 2008”

  1. Bemused says:

    Happy O8 Stu! Look forward to reading your adventures.

  2. Brother Tobias says:


  3. Blue says:

    Count me in!

  4. VallyP says:

    Oooh Stu! I’ve got so much to read now I’m back in a blogsom mood again. Having been away for so long, and then rather off blog even before that, it’s difficult to catch up with what’s been said and what’s been read, but for you, I will give up coffee breaks, doggy walks and the lot. Now I’ll just have to settle down with a good bottle fo something red and smooth and take my time to read through all the posts I’ve missed! Looking forward to it, and oh yes, Happy New Year!!

  5. be.bart says:

    Best wishes, hope your place didn’t get torched by the Dutch Anti Aircraft Artillery (aka fireworks).

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