Bank Holiday Weekend

I’m not much of a morning person. My brain is never fully in gear when I first wake up and I am sometimes guilty of over sleeping. So this Monday morning when I rolled over and opened my eyes to see the bright red glowing 10:38am staring back at me from my alarm clock a sudden panic set in. You’ve probably caught onto an important fact here quicker then I did but to better explain here is a short transcript of the thoughts going through my brain at the time:

“Hu? What? NO! I’m late!”

Cluck. Click. Fizzle. Brain start up sequence engaged….

“Really late! Dam!”

Synapses firing….

“Wait a second.”

Brain On-line….

“It’s a bank holiday. Yessssssss!”

Re-entering sleep mode….


There’s nothing like a little confused morning panic to make you really appreciate a day off. Not only do we get a long weekend but we get a shorter week that follows. Bonus.

So far this bank holiday weekend I have, cleaned the house, caught up with friends, visited the fun fair that has been set up in the main square just around the corner from my house (more info for you stalkers), been to the cinema and tried Dutch Poffertjes for the first time.

Bank Holiday Weekend Fun Fair

So what does today hold in store?

Hopefully as little as possible. I’ve just got back from the video store with ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ and ‘Transporter 2‘ to keep me occupied as I laze on the sofa. I don’t know much about the plot of ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ but I have been told it is very good. I am not expecting much from ‘Transporter 2’ but hopefully it will have the right dosage of guns and explosions to distract my male mind from the plot if it turns out to be bad.

All this and still not a chocolate egg in site.

5 responses to “Bank Holiday Weekend”

  1. Rose says:

    I’ll send you some eggs.

  2. Invader Stu says:

    Thanks Rose.

    Well… Transporter 2 sort of what I thought it would be. Lots of over the top action and imposable stunts but it was fun. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was very funny. I can recommend it.

  3. marycub says:

    Where’s that fair? The place looks vaguely familiar!

    (i lived in the hague for 7 yrs when i was younger)

  4. Invader Stu says:

    It in the main square of Haarlem. I think its about an hour away from the Hugue by train.

  5. marycub's sis says:

    ooh i like the natural history museum in haarlem tis vaguely interesting