25 Jan

No Hands

“I am a man!”

Nearby co-workers turned their heads as I strolled into the office with great pride and triumph booming from my voice. They we are all obviously deeply curious and jealous about whatever achievement had caused me to display such manly pride.

“What is it this time?” One of them asked.

“I have just successfully figured out how to ride my bicycle with no hands.” I waved my hands as I relayed the story in case there was any doubt that I had hands.

“Congratulations,” my obviously envious Dutch co-worker replied, “You can now do the same thing that every five year old in this country can do.”

Not to be put down by this I grinded and quickly added, “And I have the language skills to match.”


37 Responses to “No Hands”

  1. Invader Stu says:

    Ben268 – Steep hills? In Holland sir? :p

  2. Remco says:

    …and then there’s a third challenge: riding without hand whilst sitting on the baggage carrier.

    This is a fantastic blog; I’ve been reading through the content for days now… Thank you for the smiles!

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