Cycling in Holland

Cycle Like The Dutch – Navigating Amsterdam

Dutch Cycling Navigating Amsterdam

If Amsterdam was ever overrun by hostile forces, evil doers or ill wishers the inhabitants of the city would be able to rest easy in the knowledge that these invaders would not make much progress, quickly lose motivation, soon give up altogether and returned home in a very disgruntled mood. The reason for this cannot be attributed to any superior tactical advantage or any well designed fortifications that the city has. It is because of […]

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Cycle Like The Dutch – Pockets and Awkward Objects

Dutch Cycling Skills

No one can deny that the Dutch are skilled cyclists. It is a part of their everyday life so it is understandable that they are very good at it. It’s probably because of this that the Dutch are capable of displaying some every day cycling skills that seem completely insane to the rest of us. I’d like to talk about two of those crazy skills today. Cycling With Their Hands in Their Pockets Have you […]

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Cycle Like The Dutch – Giving a Lift

Cycle Like The Dutch

I am notorious for forgetting or losing my bike whenever I meet up with friends in Amsterdam. By now they all know that if we are going anywhere one of them will end up having to give me a lift on the back of their own bicycle. This means two things: 1) One of them is going to get a flat back tire. 2) One of them is going to look like they are in […]

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Bicycle Kung-Fu Fury

I’ve never considered myself to be a violent man. Like most English people I am stereotypically polite, calm and spend a lot of my time apologizing for things I have not even done. In fact, like most English people the closest I have probably come to an act of violence is writing a strong letter of complaint after being the recipient of poor customer service. To put it another way; I have always considered myself […]

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A Happy Ending

Great news everyone! My bicycle and I have been reunited! That’s right. After a week of searching everywhere I have finally managed to find the spare keys and free my bicycle from its chains… Well… To be more specific; my wife found the keys… after less than five minutes of looking… in the bowl were we keep the spare keys… The bowl I had forgotten about… But details are not important. The important thing is […]

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