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Invading Holland Redesign

Invading Holland Redesign

Surprise! I’m back and things look a little different now. If all has gone well you are now reading this on the all new Invading Holland redesign. If everything has gone badly you are now staring at a 404 error while weep and beg my computer to bring everything back. Hopefully everything has gone well. So where was I? Between the arrival of a new baby and the moving into of a new house the […]

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Dutched Up: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style

Dutched Up

There are many benefits to being a blogger. One of them is getting to know other bloggers who then write a book and ask if you would like to read it. That’s how I found myself reading Dutched Up: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style. The book is written by a few bloggers who you might already be familiar with, all of whom came to The Netherlands for their own reasons and decided to call the […]

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Things I’ve Learned from Ten Years of Blogging

Blogging Lessons

Ten years ago today I made the very first post on Invading Holland. Wow! Ten years! Please forgive me if I freak out a little bit for a moment. I can’t believe that I’ve been writing this blog for ten years already. Even writing that sentence does not seem real. When I started ten years seemed like such an impossibly long way away. When I saw other blogs celebrating their ten year anniversary I thought […]

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Invading Holland T-Shirts Available in Shops Now

Invading Holland Tshirts

Exciting news! You can now walk into a physical shop and buy a physical Invading Holland T-Shirt for your physical body. During the month of March I’ll be taking part in what has become known as Loppisstores, rent your own table. Loppis sales are a fairly recent phenomenon that started in the north of the country. It comes from the Scandinavian countries. They are special shops where you can rent a small areas (a stand […]

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Top 100 International Exchange and Expat Blogs

This is just a quick update to let you know that Invading Holland has been nominated for the Top 100 International Exchange and Expat Blogs of 2016 (or IX16 for short). If you would like to vote for Invading Holland or one of the other great blogs on the list it’s very easy. Just click the button link below, scroll down until you see the name of the blog you’d like to vote for (hopefully […]

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